September 23, 2021
Nutrigo Lab

Nutrigo Lab

Nutrigo Lab Product Overview. What is it?

Nutrigo Lab is a dietary supplement designed to naturally increase testosterone levels. The tool is suitable both for men who are in order with hormones and who purposefully build muscle mass, and for those who have low testosterone levels. It must be taken along with the medications prescribed by your doctor.
A large number of male professional and amateur athletes periodically gain muscle mass to prepare for various competitions or simply to get their bodies in order. Sometimes people, whether they exercise or not, may have muscular dystrophy. They are either very thin or too heavy. And the volume of muscle mass in such people is small. In all these cases, special supplements from sports nutrition can be used to solve the problem. One of the most effective remedies is Nutrigo Lab.

How to use?

Nutrigo Lab should be taken 1 capsule 3 times a day. It does not depend on food intake. A person can do this before, after, or during a meal. The only condition is to drink plenty of water.

How does it work?

The effect on the body of the agent is complex:

  • has a positive effect on the endocrine system;
  • androgen production is increased;
  • increases testosterone production;
  • increased production of sarcoplasm;
  • connective tissue grows.

All this together provides the ideal conditions for building muscle mass without harming your health. Since the drug is completely natural, it is definitely not a chemistry for athletes. The drug must be taken in conjunction with physical training for best results.


The main advantage of Nutrigo Lab is its composition. It is completely natural and contains the following ingredients:

  • cranberry berry extract;
  • ginseng root extract;
  • Shiitake mushroom fruit extract.

Benefits of the drug:

  • A huge number of experts recommend it.
  • It has a completely natural composition.
  • It gets positive reviews from popular people.

Where to buy - At a pharmacy or store?

Customer Reviews

"My girlfriend really wanted to have cubes on my stomach. But I love beer and steaks. Running and the gym are not for me. Nutrigo Lab will suit the lazy one like me! I do nothing, only muscles grow!"

"Nutrigo Lab is the tool with which I was able to build muscle. I didn’t limit myself in anything (beer, food), I almost didn’t go in for sports."

"Unlike many others, I am not ashamed of not pumping alone ... Yes, I used Nutrigo Lab. But I got my dream shapes very quickly and effortlessly!"

Indications for use

This nutritional supplement is intended for building muscle mass. Regular use of the drug, combined with vigorous exercise and diet, will accelerate the process of muscle growth, increase strength and improve the body's performance.


The product has no side reactions, does not cause allergies, addiction. It is not recommended for people with intolerance to certain ingredients of the drug.

Doctor's review

It blocks the production of myostatin, a substance that destroys muscle tissue. With a lack of myostatin in the body, strong muscle growth begins, and in 30 days the muscle mass doubles! Adipose tissue is replaced by muscle. This means that you lose weight quickly without training. The body becomes beautiful and relief. This drug is especially popular with bodybuilders who are happy to show their forms to the public. Get the same shapes as they are! The drug instantly stimulates the reduction of adipose tissue, improves metabolism and activates fat burning. In addition, it promotes muscle building, normalizes blood sugar levels and controls hunger. Athletes who started taking this dietary supplement noted the effectiveness within the first week of taking it. But it is worth emphasizing that it is possible to achieve positive dynamics in increasing muscle mass only if you are still actively involved in sports, performing at least a minimal set of physical exercises.


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