Detonic Product Overview. What Is It?


Detonic Product Overview. What Is It?

Detonic is a drug for the treatment of hypertension. The complex effects of the organic components of the drug, which are part of the drug, affect the walls of blood vessels, VNS, make it possible to minimize pressure parameters. The use of the drug does not allow the development of atherosclerosis, thanks to herbal components that are actively involved in the production of lecithin, amino acids that control cholesterol metabolism, excluding the appearance of plaques on the walls of blood vessels.

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Name Detonic
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Price 39$
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Reviews Mostly positive
Country United Kingdom, USA, Philippines, India

How To Use?

A sachet of the preparation with herbal raw materials is dissolved in water. Each package contains instructions.

  1. The contents of the sachet are dissolved in 100 ml of warm water;
  2. Take the remedy for 1 day, regardless of meal time.
  3. The course of treatment is a month. After a month, the course resumes.

With chronic hypertension, several courses are required throughout the year.


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How Does It Work?

The drug is allowed to everyone, including people who are prone to allergic reactions.

  • Normalizes blood pressure indicators;
  • Removing excess cholesterol from the blood;
  • Treats venous thrombosis;
  • Improving the general health of hypertensive patients.


  • Echinops extract is a source of beneficial tannins. Expands the lumen of blood vessels, increases the elasticity of the walls, which contributes to normal blood circulation.
  • Cora Eucommia. It contains substances that dissolve harmful cholesterol. Deposits and plaque form that block arteries and blood flow and can cause high blood pressure. Regeneration stimulates processes at the cellular level.
  • Mistletoe (extract) - the most important component responsible for the regulation of the heart and blood vessels. Taking the drug leads to the normalization of heart rate and blood pressure parameters.
  • Compounds of the plant component react to calcium compounds that form seals in the thickness of the vessel walls.
  • Rauwolfia (extract). Tones up, increases the body's resistance to infections. when taken regularly, the body fights viruses on its own. The substance is necessary for the normal functioning of the heart and blood vessels.
  • Extract pustki - a plant traditionally used to treat hypertension, other diseases of the heart and blood vessels. The substance strengthens the arterial walls, strengthens, improves elasticity.



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Customer Reviews

I'm only 31, and the pressure is already jumping like crazy. I don't seem to be obese, but it was rising steadily every 2-3 days. I decided to try not to heal myself with pills, but to drink something with herbs. I bought this product. And it really started to help. Now he can rise about once a week or two. I think this is a very good result.
Life has taught me to always carry pressure pills with me. My daughter advised me to get some medical treatment, bought me this remedy. I spent the course on drink, the pressure does not rise so often now. Irritation and pain in the head are no longer pestering as they used to. Therefore, I want to say thank you to those who came up with these pills.
After an ischemic stroke, a friend offered me to buy this remedy. I drink a course, the noise in my ears has really become less, my head is almost not spinning. To be on the safe side, I also make strengthening droppers, I need to recover faster. The tool is good, everything is fine.

Indications for use

The drug is used to combat hypertension, regardless of the stage of manifestation of this disease. It allows you to get rid of the main symptoms caused by the disease. In particular, the remedy is used to eliminate headaches, dizziness, attacks of nausea, tachycardia, tinnitus, and increased fatigue. It has a positive effect on the body after suffering a heart attack, stroke or microstroke. It can be used as a prophylactic agent to avoid the occurrence of hypertension.


Possible manifestations of individual intolerance to some of the components that make up the drug. Not recommended for use by pregnant and lactating women, as well as persons under 18 years of age and over 65. Before direct use, this group of people should first consult with your doctor.

Doctor's review

Over the years, the nerve endings directly adjacent to the vessels and controlling blood pressure, being in constant tension, lose their sensitivity. Because of this, pressure can rise at any time, regardless of the state of the body. Therefore, I recommend Detonic, as it not only strengthens the walls of blood vessels and protects the heart muscle from possible failures, but also has a general healing effect on the entire body as a whole. Its natural composition allows the use of the product by a wide group of people, which can also speak only as a plus for this drug.

Frequently Asked Questions

Detonic Is a hoax?

We checked customer reviews and found no sign of cheating.

Is there a delivery?

Yes, the goods will be delivered to you by mail or courier service.

Can I buy it at the pharmacy?

No. Unfortunately, this product is not sold in pharmacies.


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