The Best Remedies for Hypertension

Heart disease is the most common cause of disability and early death. In recent years, heart attacks and strokes are called diseases of the young. 80% of cases can be avoided! How? Read our article.

Healthy lifestyle, sports, proper nutrition and thinking

Quit smoking, excessive alcohol consumption; Exercise and walk at least 10,000 steps daily. During exercise, adrenaline is released. Together with other components, it strengthens the vascular walls and increases the tone of the cardiovascular system; Organize proper nutrition. Fast food negatively affects not only the figure, but also the cardiovascular system. Replace it with healthy products such as: avocado, grapefruit, apples, pomegranate, cereals, legumes, beans, pumpkin, garlic, broccoli, sea fish and berries; Work with your mind. Negative events and stresses are part of our lives, and there is no escape from them. What matters is your attitude towards them. Respect yourself and your body, and take each negative event calmly and balanced.

Herbal treatment

Hawthorn blood red. It is used for myocarditis. Brew 1 tablespoon with 1 cup of boiling water, leave for 2 hours. Drink 3 times a day, 3 tablespoons; Motherwort five-lobed. Causes a high sedative effect. Brew 2 tablespoons with 1 cup boiling water, leave for 2 hours. Drink 3 times a day, 2 tablespoons; Calendula or marigold - has a mild sedative effect and gently lowers blood pressure. Brew 2 teaspoons with 1 cup boiling water, leave for 2 hours. Drink 4 times a day

Special exercise for heart health

Remember: any exercise is good only after warming up and warming up. Asana Downward facing dog To perform the exercise, stand in a straight bar and lean on your hands. Raise your hips up and arch your lower back. Yoga asanas and meditation help keep cortisol, the stress hormone, under control and cope with irritation. Push ups. Exercises can be done depending on physical data.If push-ups from the floor are difficult, then you can do push-ups from the wall. Leg lifts. This exercise brings the whole body to work. Lying on your back, lift your legs up so that they form a right angle with the body. There are many ways to treat and prevent cardiovascular disease. Do not forget that only an integrated approach and respect for health will help prolong youth and vitality. Nowadays, not only folk remedies are available, but also a huge number of drugs, vitamins that are available to everyone.

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