The best means for muscle growth

To gain muscle mass, you need to understand exactly how muscles grow. During exercise with weights that force muscle fibers to work at a faster pace than usual, micro-tears occur. Muscles fill with blood and become larger during overexertion. Because of this, small wounds are formed. They grow over time, increasing the muscles in volume. Without exercise, gaining muscle mass will not work. But there are several ways that will help you do it many times faster and more comfortably.

Suitable nutrition

For energy during training and recovery after them, resources are needed. Slow carbohydrates and proteins are the two main pillars of muscle growth. Carbohydrates are responsible for the presence of strength, and protein is responsible for muscle growth, in simple terms. Slow carbohydrates can be partially replaced with fast ones and diluted with fats, but protein is simply necessary. This is the main builder of muscle mass. Protein consumption should exceed its consumption, since the body uses it in many of its functions - in the production of blood, hormones, in the formation of immunity, in the regulation of acid concentration, etc.

We need to constantly increase the working weight

If you work with the same weight constantly, the body adapts and gets used to it. To gain muscle mass, constant controlled damage to muscle fibers is required, which is achieved by a smooth and regular increase in equipment weight.

Workouts should be complex

It is difficult to pump up only the biceps or back. The body of any mammal works in such a way that in order to increase the volume of any particular muscle, it is necessary to increase the percentage of muscle mass in the body. You can, of course, pay attention to only one muscle group. And they will grow. But the whole process will go much faster if you develop the whole body in parallel.

It is advisable to drink sports cocktails

They will help improve protein synthesis, allow you to give your best in the workouts themselves and recover more easily after them.The bottom line is that in ordinary food there are not all acids and carbohydrates, with which you can greatly facilitate the process of gaining mass. And sports cocktails are specially selected concentrates of such elements. Separately, it is worth mentioning the various drugs and means that will help gain muscle mass. Protein, gainers, creatine, BCAAs, vitamin-mineral complexes are effective and safe ways to help your muscles grow fast. Many are afraid to use supplements of this kind and completely in vain. All of the above and some other means do not harm the body, they simply improve the bodys natural processes for regeneration, synthesis of useful elements and maintaining tone. Not only can you use them, but you MUST!

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