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Snoring is one of the most unpleasant phenomena in life, because of which everyone around feels discomfort. This is such a common ailment that it has already become part of the stereotypical image of an adult male. Although it seems that apart from a loud sound and the need to buy earplugs for family members, there is nothing wrong with this, in fact, snoring is not only dangerous in itself, but also signals possible diseases of the body. With a weak muscle tone, the soft palate is in contact with the walls of the pharynx too tightly, which leads to a short-term cessation of breathing. Oxygen ceases to enter the body, which leads not only to poor sleep quality, but also to changes in blood pressure and regular stress for the body. Snoring occurs not only due to the inevitable aging process, but also other factors - the occurrence of neoplasms in the respiratory system, smoking, excess weight and hormonal problems. In order to get rid of snoring, there are several methods.

General wellness

Snoring does not occur in a vacuum, and the best way to get rid of it is to take care of your health. Doctors advise walking a lot, giving up addictions, exercising regularly, using orthopedic pillows and sleeping on your side. Also, do not overdo it with sleeping pills. If there is a problem with excess weight, its solution will also contribute to getting rid of snoring.

Mechanical action

There are several simple devices for getting rid of snoring. For example, there are special mouthguards that are fixed on one of the jaws and move it forward to expand the airways. There are a lot of options - from special bracelets to silicone nozzles. Their effectiveness has not yet been proven.


If the cause of snoring is deeper than just a general malaise, more serious intervention will be required. There are topical drugs - for example, sprays that eliminate swelling and drugs to stimulate breathing, that is, hormonal drugs that affect the respiratory centers.Medicines help restore tone to the muscles of the soft palate, eliminate nasal congestion, but all this only relieves the symptoms and does not eliminate the very cause.

Surgical intervention

First of all, it is recommended for patients with a deviated septum and the presence of neoplasms in the respiratory system. The operation allows you to remove excess soft tissue, tighten and reduce the soft palate. With the help of a laser, it is possible not only to remove the excess, but also to put special notches, which, when healed, are tightened and compacted. In most cases, this allows you to forget about snoring forever. Laser surgery is considered to be the most effective treatment for snoring.

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