January 20, 2021
Menomin Forte
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Menomin Forte

Menomin Forte Product Overview. What is it?

Menomin Forte is a drug intended to maintain and restore womens health. Effectively affects all, without exception, the moments of the above concept, in particular, strengthens the somatic (circulatory, endocrine, nervous systems) and intimate (monthly cycle, gynecological diseases) well-being. A characteristic feature of this drug is the permissibility of its use at any age. The beneficial effect is combined with the harmlessness and complete absence of the negative effects of this drug.

How to use?

The drug is taken orally three times a day, 1 piece, regardless of food intake, with a large volume of liquid.
The duration of the course of taking the drug directly depends on the pathologies that are present in the woman and her specific age.

  • The shortest course of taking the drug in the prevention of disease or in strengthening the sexual health of a woman - one month;
  • The average course of taking the drug is prescribed in the case of much more obvious pathologies in the work of a womans body is two months;
  • The largest course is aimed at solving problems associated with hormone imbalance, signs of menopause and disruptions of the monthly cycle is 2.5 months.

How does it work?

When using the product for prophylactic purposes, the drug prevents the occurrence of various breaks associated with the monthly cycle, and early menopause, accelerated deterioration of the endocrine system of the body.
With complex renewal, it strengthens psychological well-being and enhances the production of basic female hormones, suppresses major infections and possible inflammatory processes.

The composition of the drug

Menomin Forte contains shiitake mushroom (extract), which fills it with a large number of amino acids, which in turn allow to normalize the work of all metabolic functions in a womans body at the same time, reduce cholesterol levels and generally have a beneficial effect on intimate health.

  • ginseng root (extract) - due to the high content of phytoestrogen, the general condition of the person as a whole improves, the mood rises, the quality of sexual activity significantly improves and the main signs of menopause disappear.
  • hibiscus petals (extract) - for the most part they contain various vitamins and antioxidants, it is they that help to strengthen the cardiovascular system of the body, and additionally increase the activity of the uterus.
  • cranberry berries (extract) - contains a huge number of proanthocyanidins, they help to remove various types of microorganisms and infections, cleanse the liver and other organs that inhibit toxins.

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