January 25, 2021
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Fungafix Product Overview. What is it?

Fungafix is a fungus cream that allows you to cope with the disease at home. The drug can be used by women and men, regardless of the age of the disease and the stage of development at the time of initiation of treatment.
The cream contains components of organic origin, each of them not only fulfills its antifungal properties, but also mutually complements the action of others. Fungafix has proven its high efficiency, all the necessary tests have been successfully passed, and there is a certificate.

How to use?

The cream comes with detailed instructions for its use. Apply the product with massaging movements on the damaged skin after hygiene procedures three times a day. Pay special attention to the nails and interdigital space. The course treatment is 1 month. In the case of a severe form, at the start of therapy, after one month of use, a break is required for a week, then the course is repeated.

How does it work?

The components of the cream, with deep penetration into the tissues, relieve itching and pain. The activity of pathogenic microflora is suppressed, peeling is eliminated almost after the first application. Also, the cream has disinfecting, protective, regulating and emollient properties. Most often, a course of just one month is enough to eliminate a fungal infection, according to reviews of numerous buyers.

The composition of the drug

Fungus cream is made in full compliance with all safety requirements. The manufacturer has carried out the necessary laboratory tests. As part of the extracts and extracts, only natural ingredients, their effect is:

  • suppression of the spread and vital activity of fungal microflora;
  • performing a cooling function, eliminating itching and any discomfort;
  • arresting inflammatory processes, their impossibility of spreading to healthy tissues, nails;
  • regeneration of damaged areas of feet and nails;
  • softening and moisturizing the skin, eliminating dry areas;
  • regulation of sweat gland activity, reduction of foul-smelling secretions.

The drug Fungafix, unlike even the most popular pharmacy products, will not be addictive, as a result, after completing the course, the disease will not recur. You can use the cream even in case of chronic diseases, it is absolutely hypoallergenic.

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