June 22, 2021


BunionFix Product Overview. What is it?

BunionFix is an orthopedic product, a special fixator used to correct the foot in case of hallux valgus. The disease only at first seems to be an aesthetic defect, in fact, the situation is much more dangerous. This is a serious pathology that can lead to sad consequences. For its treatment, orthopedic products are the best option, one of which is BunionFix.

How to use?

Before using orthopedic products, be sure to read the instructions for it.
It is necessary to use the splint during the day while walking and at night - while sleeping. The hinge allows you to set the most comfortable level of fixation, which will not hinder foot movements.
The instructions for use look like this:

  1. Unfasten the Velcro fasteners and put the garment on your leg.
  2. Fasten the Velcro in the designated place so that it does not slip. The tire must be firmly fixed, but the foot must not be squashed.
  3. Insert a special drop-shaped pad that comes with the splint under the foot. It will support the transverse arch of the foot and evenly distribute the load over its entire area.

Thats all, the principle of using the product is as simple as possible. The therapy must be carried out for several months. It can take a long period, but it cannot be interrupted, otherwise the bus will not work.

How does it work?

The BunionFix orthopedic valgus splint provides:

  • tightening the affected part of the foot;
  • correction of the position of the first metatarsal bone;
  • fighting flat feet;
  • bone protection and fixation of the foot while walking;
  • reduction of the rehabilitation period after surgical removal of the deformed bone;
  • elimination of pain syndrome, which often accompanies hallux valgus and flat feet;
  • strengthening and improving the functioning of the joints of the affected leg.

When using a tire, the feeling of discomfort when wearing any shoe will go away. The orthopedic corrector has no age restrictions, therefore, if necessary, it can even be used to treat children.

The composition of the drug

The Valgus Splint is made of natural, durable material that reliably fixes the toe where the bump is present. The product is also equipped with a special Velcro that does not allow it to slide or slide. And thanks to the regulator, you can set the slider in such a way that it fixes the splint without squeezing the skin or bone on the sore foot.

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