September 16, 2021
We-Vibe Chorus

We-Vibe Chorus

We-Vibe Chorus Product Overview. What is it?

The We-Vibe Chorus is a vibrator. Compared to other vibrators, it has many technical advantages, including the ability to control the intensity and other features of using the application for the Android operating system, iOS – smartphones based on V-Connect. Such a toy allows you to add spicy notes to the bed of two lovers. The machine shows how much fun it is to use the technique during sex.

How to use?

The We-Vibe Chorus is clitoral, with one larger side of the device resting on the clitoris. The thin diameter pen should penetrate into the vagina. Inside must remain in position G.

How does it work?

The toy is intended for sexual intercourse between a man and a woman. We-Vibe Chorus is provided for vaginal sex.
The vibrator stimulates the girls G-spot and her clitoris. For men, simply sliding the vibrating handle is enough to have fun.
Toys are controlled using a remote control or a mobile application on Android or iOS. The control panel allows you to change the vibration level at any time during intercourse. Consequently, the change improves the sexual experience and brings great pleasure to both partners.


Many useful accessories are included with the vibrator:

  • We-Vibe Lube Sample - 2ml.
  • Instructions for use. Mandatory reading, because it contains important recommendations, instructions for safe use. Available in many languages, including Russian, and contains easy-to-read images.
  • USB charging cable. Includes only cable, adapter not included;
  • Cover. The device fully charges in less than 2 hours;
  • Control Panel.

The We-Vibe Chorus is available in several pleasing colors: pink, purple and blue.

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