January 20, 2021
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VitaHairMax Product Overview. What is it?

VitaHairMax is a special spray designed to improve hair growth and eliminate related problems. The drug has a wide range of beneficial effects on the scalp and strands. The solution consists of plant components, and this differs markedly from similar treatment and prophylactic options. The formula of the product was created by practicing specialists. They are often faced with the need to eliminate alopecia, and they know what substances are needed in order to guarantee the restoration of the follicles.

How to use?

To eliminate hair problems, the product must be used according to the instructions. Before spraying the solution, shake the bottle vigorously, then apply the spray to the root zone of wet hair. Massage the scalp with light movements for 5-10 minutes. The drug does not need to be washed off the hair. Repeat the action at least 2 times a week. The minimum duration of a therapeutic course is 1 month.

How does it work?

VitaHairMax has a stimulating, warming, antibacterial, nourishing, regenerating effect. The active ingredients are absorbed deep into the scalp, activate the hair follicles, cleanse the blood and strands of harmful components. The tool makes hair strong, shiny, manageable when combing. Prevents brittleness, dullness or loss. The primary improvement in the condition of the strands is noticeable after 3-4 uses of the drug.

The composition of the drug

There is not a single artificial component in the VitaHairMax preparation. The spray formula is represented by extracts of medicinal plants, vitamins, amino acids, trace elements. The composition of the VitaHairMax hair growth product performs the following functions:

  • Moisturizes strands, prevents them from breakage.
  • Stimulates the appearance of new follicles, which has a beneficial effect on hair density.
  • Improves blood circulation inside the scalp.
  • Prevents dandruff.
  • Prevents hair from tangling, makes it easier to comb.

The spray is characterized by therapeutic and prophylactic properties. VitaHairMax has been awarded a high quality certificate. Dermatologists and trichologists approve of the use of this natural preparation to normalize hair growth. The drug does not cause allergies, intoxication, tissue mutations, and always helps to improve the condition of the strands.

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