June 24, 2021


Profolan Product Overview. What is it?

Profolan is one of the most innovative hair loss treatments on the market. Profolan is a medicine designed to help men and women with hair loss. Whether the problem is related to age-related baldness or a loss of stress, the drug is unique and really suits everyone.

How to use?

Profolan should be viewed as a series of courses over the course of one month. Complexes with medications are best suited for this. Each pack contains enough tablets for the full course. There is nothing complicated in the application, it must be taken orally. Women should take capsules 3 times a day, men are recommended 2 capsules 2 times a day, the course is 21 days. If desired, you can resume the course after 30 days. The tool is quite effective and the result is noticeable almost immediately. But for those looking to strengthen their hair or make it more frizzy, it's best to buy it now.

How does it work?

Thanks to its 100% natural composition, Profolan does not harm the scalp. The drug makes active "inactive" hair due to its constituent components, for example, cysteine, an amino acid containing sulfur, a structural component of the hair and an auxiliary substance in the formation of keratin. Many Internet users recommend the drug for use and leave laudable reviews. Considering the beneficial properties and composition, buying a product will definitely not be a waste of money, it will give a beautiful and elegant hairstyle.

The composition of the drug

This product contains a naturally synthesized ingredient, which means it is suitable for skin conditions such as dermatitis and skin conditions, as well as any scalp symptoms - it does not

  • damage oily skin or dry out the skin. The composition includes:
  • nettle (growth stimulant);
  • horseradish (hardener);
  • cysteine ​​(promotes hair health);
  • vitamins E and B6, minoxidil (slows down flatulence).

This formula activates hair growth, strengthens hair follicles, nourishes the scalp and is also suitable for preventing hair loss. It's never too late to start prevention.

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