January 20, 2021
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Varicobooster Product Overview. What is it?

Varicobooster is a modern medicine that enjoys great popularity today, as it allows you to quickly relieve fatigue and get rid of varicose veins. The active ingredients of the product effectively deal with oppression in the limbs, edema, swollen veins, vein asterisks and other symptoms of varicose veins. The ointment is also effective in the fight against the serious stage of varicose veins. It is suitable not only for treatment, but also for preventive measures, as it improves blood flow and removes fatigue.

How to use?

The manufacturer advises to apply Varicobooster ointment twice a day for one month as follows:

  1. rinse the damaged skin in advance and wipe it thoroughly;
  2. extract a small amount of product;
  3. Apply the medicine to problematic areas with gentle massage movements.

The ointment is used for the systematic care of the feet. Its ingredients are completely harmless. All components are competently combined with each other and make it possible to achieve the greatest result at home without harming the body.

How does it work?

The active ingredients of the extract for external use quickly fall into the skin and give the legs a feeling of comfort and lightness. Additionally, the ointment acts in this way:

  • eliminates distension of the arteries;
  • restores hemodynamics;
  • removes fatigue and pain;
  • reduces edema;
  • brings a sense of vitality.

The composition of the drug

The medicine is made from healing ingredients that perform the following actions:

  • horse chestnut extract - normalizes the venous-vascular system, restores the plasticity of arteries, heals microcracks, removes puffiness;
  • alkaloid and honey - improves metabolism, restores damaged cells, has a bactericidal effect, heals existing wounds, eliminates suppuration;
  • coconut and lemon oils - nourish and heal tissues, have an antibacterial effect, eliminate microbes and fungi, and regenerate tissue cells;
  • extracts of mint, chamomile and nettle - remove fatigue, have anti-inflammatory effect, eliminate painful manifestations, heal wounds;
  • Troxerutin extract - removes stretch marks, restores warped arteries.

The drug has no negative manifestations. It is suitable as a preventive and healing product.

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