September 23, 2021
Saw Palmetto

Saw Palmetto

Saw Palmetto Product Overview. What is it?

Saw Palmetto is a highly effective natural preparation for the treatment of male diseases. Used for therapeutic and prophylactic purposes.

How to use?

It is recommended to take Saw Palmetto 1 capsule 3 times a day 30 minutes before meals with a glass of pure, still water. During treatment, it is recommended to follow the drinking regimen. The recommended therapeutic course is 30 days. If necessary, it can be repeated after consultation with a specialist.

How does it work?

The drug regulates and restores the receptors of the cells of the organs of the genitourinary system and the prostate gland. It works effectively with benign tumors, eliminates urination disorders, relieves painful sensations, and fights concomitant diseases. In addition, the remedy works effectively with erectile dysfunction, eliminating the problem in a short time and restoring potency. Eliminates the cause of poor production of the hormone testosterone and normalizes hormones. Saw Palmetto strengthens the immune system and has a beneficial effect on the entire body, restores vascular tone, helps to cope with stress and gives strength after physical exertion. It also prevents pathological degeneration of prostate cells. The remedy is recommended for men over 18 years of age. It has no serious contraindications due to its natural composition, however, in some cases, individual sensitivity to various substances is possible. Saw Palmetto does not cause side effects and addiction. After discontinuation of the drug, the result obtained remains for a long time.


The unique natural composition has been approved by leading experts. The product contains the following active ingredients:

  • Dwarf palm extract. The ingredient has been successfully used to effectively treat prostate adenoma. Eliminates inflammation and soreness.
  • Vitamin D. Provides natural growth and development of bones, regulates mineral metabolism, prevents the development of osteoporosis and rickets.

Besides this, the preparation contains pomegranate seeds, quercitin, nettle root extract, lycopene, amaranth oil, black pepper extract, and African plum bark extract. All components complement each other's positive effects.

Where to buy - At a pharmacy or store?

Customer Reviews

"At first, I did not strain too much that problems with the prostate could develop. And then I noticed that I was running to the toilet more and more often, and sometimes it all started to ache at the bottom. And then the problems started in bed. I went to the doctor and said that the prostate was enlarged and prescribed medication. At the same time, I advised this remedy to drink a course. I like it, it doesn't bother me, and the herbs heal, I felt improvements after 1.5 weeks, great."

"I was always afraid that problems in the sexual sphere might start. He lived, however, to 40 years old, only then began. But I want to live, I'm still young! A friend drank this remedy, he says, it helped him well. I also started drinking, it really started to help, the desire returned, as if even my endurance had become more."

"I leave a positive review, since this drug helped me get rid of my problem with potency, I recommend it."

Indications for use

The tool is used to combat prostatitis. It is necessary for inflammation of the prostate gland, an enlarged prostate, poor blood circulation in the pelvic organs. Effective for frequent urination, persistent urge, painful sensations during the emptying of the bladder. The drug can be used to strengthen general immunity, as well as restore lost sexual desire, increase libido, get rid of complexes associated with a weakened erection.


The drug is contraindicated in persons under the age of 18. It should be used with caution by people with hypersensitivity to some of the components that make up the drug. If allergic reactions occur (dizziness, itching, burning, redness of the skin, breathing problems), you must stop taking the drug and urgently seek help from a specialist.

Doctor's review

Prostatitis can catch a man even at the age of 35. There can be many reasons for its occurrence, but it is necessary to start the necessary treatment as soon as possible, otherwise there may be problems not only with personal life, but also with the general state of health. I recommend Saw Palmetto both for the prevention of the possible development of prostatitis, and as an effective remedy that has a complex positive effect on the entire body. It quickly relieves inflammation, reduces pain, and has an antibacterial effect. I like that only natural ingredients are involved in its composition, so it will suit almost any man.


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