June 22, 2021
Revamin Lash

Revamin Lash

Revamin Lash Product Overview. What is it?

Revamin Lash is an innovative eyelash growth activator designed for home use. The products are released in the form of a serum, in order to use it, you do not need to have special skills and knowledge. The product is made on the basis of organic raw materials, so after its use there are no complications. The drug can be used to improve the condition of eyelashes that are weakened after artificial extension or due to other factors. The product has a high quality certificate.

How to use?

The Revamin Lash is characterized by simple use, the instructions describe the rules for using the serum. Apply the drug to clean skin of the eyelids, along the eyelash growth line. Do not wash off the consistency - it should be completely absorbed on its own. Use the product in the morning and evening, for 1 month. The primary positive result is determined after 1 week of correct application of the serum.

How does it work?

Revamin Lash is absorbed into the skin of the eyelids (along the lash line), strengthens the follicles, and prevents their rejection. Moisturizes the epithelium and helps to cleanse it from various toxins. The product causes the appearance of new eyelashes, accelerates the growth of existing ones and makes them fluffy and thick. Thanks to the use of the serum, it is possible to make the look attractive and get rid of such accompanying problems as bruises under the eyes and puffiness of the eyelid skin.

The composition of the drug

The Revamin Lash preparation is made without the addition of artificial ingredients, only on the basis of organic raw materials. The product contains biotin, caffeine, zinc, arginine, panthenol, sodium hyaluronate, urea. Together, the listed components perform the following functions:

  • Strengthens eyelashes, prevents breakage and loss.
  • Excess fluid is removed from the eyelid tissue.
  • Moisturize the lash line.
  • Cleanses tissue from toxins.
  • Prevent lash discoloration.
  • Cause new hairs to appear.

Revamin Lash is well tolerated and guarantees a positive result. According to all criteria, the drug differs from analogues and promotes the restoration of eyelashes, even in aggravated cases. Ophthalmologists and dermatologists favor using this serum as it is safe and effective.

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