July 31, 2021


Renovein Product Overview. What is it?

Renovein is a medicine for varicose veins.
Studies show that varicose veins are among the ten most common diseases. First, in a person, the walls of the veins lose their elasticity. Then, under constant pressure on them, they lose their shape. This leads to the fact that the skin on the legs becomes unattractive and the person experiences constraint and stress. But the most important thing is that at this time, internal changes occur in the body that lead to health problems.
The complex remedy effectively eliminates the external manifestations of the disease, and also helps to eliminate the cause of its occurrence. Thanks to the new formula of the drug, which took many years to create, Renovein is considered the best product on the market.

How to use?

The drug has an effect on the elimination of the consequences and causes of varicose veins. The tool has the same effect, which does not depend on the form of the drug used.
Renovein capsules are taken before meals 2 times a day. Renovein gel is applied 2 times a day with application to previously steamed skin.
The use of Renovein requires coursework. Due to the gradual accumulation of substances in the body, the effect is achieved after 1 month.

How does it work?

The effect of taking the drug is visible after several uses. The optimal ratio of active ingredients can solve a number of problems:

  • improved blood flow in the veins;
  • normalization of the work of veins and elimination of stagnant changes in blood vessels;
  • vasodilation;
  • blood thinning;
  • lowering blood pressure;
  • strengthening of blood vessels and capillaries;
  • elimination of edema in the legs.

The composition of the drug

The product is available in two forms: gel for external use and capsules for oral administration. Depending on the form of the drug, the active ingredients in its composition differ.
The gel contains: nutmeg extract, horse chestnut extract, as well as natural substances - dihydroergocristin, hirudin, lycopene, allicin.
The active ingredients of the capsules are: elastin, chili and horse chestnut extract, escurin, collagen from marine plants.
Renovein components are natural ingredients that have no contraindications and side effects. However, in case of an allergic reaction to any component, the use of the drug is not recommended.

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