April 19, 2021


Potencialex Product Overview. What is it?

Potencialex is a biological active supplement that restores male sexual function, increases libido, and gives self-confidence. After all, potency is an important component not only for men. Thanks to good sex, many issues of emotional, physical condition, questions of self-confidence, success, relationships are solved. And these are all important components of life. The popularity of this drug lies in obtaining a quick result without side effects. Natural ingredients are absorbed at the cellular level. Therefore, Potencialex not only relieves symptoms, but eliminates the cause of the disease.

How to use?

This is not a magic pill, not a panacea. It is necessary to take a course in order to get the normal functioning of the penis and forget forever what impotence is. Within 1 month dosage: 1 capsule 2 times a day before meals or 10-15 minutes before sex. Be sure to observe the water regime. The course can be repeated after 15 days.

How does it work?

When using Potencialex, men notice the following changes:

  • Testosterone is produced naturally
  • erection increases,
  • sex is getting longer
  • ejaculation is easier to control,
  • increased sexual attraction to a partner,
  • greater arousal is felt, the sensitivity of erogenous zones increases.

Potencialex is recommended for the treatment and prevention of the genitourinary system, including prostatitis. During the intake, the level of cholesterol decreases, the body is cleansed of toxins and toxins.
Potencialex is a modern biological active supplement that gives first results after 10 minutes of use. Helps restore vitality, bring back joy in sex, feel like a man.

The composition of the drug

The composition is described in detail in the instructions, only organic substances are included. They affect the entire body without exacerbating the work of other organs:

  • Red root (promotes long-lasting erection, restores potency).
  • Butea Superba (increases attraction to a partner, enhances sensitivity).
  • Bryonia Laciniosis (stimulates blood supply to the corpora cavernosa, starts the process of restoring male strength).
  • Saffron extract (enhances libido, has anti-inflammatory effect, helps in the treatment of prostatitis).
  • L-arginine (restores the functions of the genitals).
  • Fadology extract (for the treatment of the prostate, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory effect).

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