The best remedies for potency

Many health problems in men and women begin in childhood. If girls at school are taught to go to a gynecologist, then no one tells boys about a preventive examination by a urologist.

Reasons for decreased potency

Everything that happens around has a serious impact on the health of a man. Influence
  • stress;
  • bad ecology;
  • sedentary work;
  • unhealthy lifestyle;
  • improper and unbalanced diet;
  • smoking and excessive drinking
negatively affects sexual power - potency. The quality of intercourse most often decreases after the 40th birthday. From a positive and cheerful interlocutor, a man turns into an introverted and irritable person. The problem is quite delicate, embarrassed, he is looking for a way to eliminate it on his own. Rarely, someone turns to specialists at the first call.

Methods for increasing potency

It is very difficult to restore male sexuality; there are a huge number of ways: The main method of treatment that will definitely not hurt and is fundamental is good nutrition. Carrots, celery, herbs, seafood, fish and other products have a positive effect on mens health. A dietitian will help you in drawing up the daily diet. Sports activities improve erection. Outdoor games, running, swimming increase blood circulation, strengthen muscles, and restore endurance. Remedial gymnastics has a positive effect. Regular sex with a regular partner. With abstinence, blood, lymph stagnates, the sebaceous glands work hard. Prostatitis may occur. Physician prescribing physiotherapy procedures. The use of spa treatment. The Caucasian mineral waters give an effective result. Application of the achievements of Chinese medicine. Impact on acupuncture points, another. The passage of a psychotherapeutic course restores mental balance, stabilizes the neuropsychic state. Treatment with drugs that dilate the blood vessels of the penis and release nitric oxide, and so on. The use of herbal ingredients - aphrodisiacs: Carissa root, Sikurinega root, Heteromorph and others. The use of dietary supplements. N: Wuka Wuka. A wide range of folk remedies. Folk wisdom has nurtured them for centuries. Men have a special attitude to intimate life, potency disorders provoke physical discomfort and emotional depression and stress. Do not consider going to the doctor shameful and inappropriate. Health and personal happiness are at stake.

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