NuviaLab Immune Product Overview. What Is It?

NuviaLab Immune

NuviaLab Immune Product Overview. What Is It?

NuviaLab Immune – is a remedy to strengthen the immune system. It is an all-natural supplement in the form of tablets. Taking this product provides immune system support, eliminates feelings of fatigue, protects cells from oxidative stress and heals wounds more quickly.

Detailed information
Name NuviaLab Immune
Official site www.NuviaLab
Price 39$
Availability Yes
Reviews Mostly positive
Country United Kingdom, USA, Philippines, India

How To Use?

NuviaLab Immune is recommended to be taken 2 tablets a day. This preparation should be drunk with copious amounts of water. This dietary supplement is recommended to be taken with meals. Thanks to this, the body absorbs nutrients better. The recommended period of taking this drug is one month. NuviaLab Immune should be taken continuously.


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How Does It Work?

As a result of taking NuviaLab Immune provides:

  • immunity strengthening;
  • support for the digestive system;
  • improvement of intestinal function
  • protection of the body from pathogens;
  • acceleration of body regeneration;
  • elimination of inflammation and irritation in the upper respiratory tract;
  • destruction of microbes;
  • increased vitality, etc.


This NuviaLab Immune contains the following ingredients:

  • Immunell. This ingredient contains yeast. Because of this, it actively supports the immune system and restores the bacterial flora in the gut. Immunell protects the body from pathogens at any time of the year. It quickly copes with infections and significantly reduces the treatment period.
  • Japanese pearl flower extract. This component supports the immune system and effectively fights viruses. It helps normalize blood pressure, reduce cholesterol levels and improve intestinal function.
  • Vitamin D. This ingredient is responsible for immune system function. It fights fatigue and loss of concentration.
  • Zinc. This ingredient protects the thyroid gland and speeds up the healing process of wounds.
  • Elderberry and rosehip extract. This extract contains large amounts of vitamin C. It helps increase the bodys natural resistance to negative external factors. Elderberry also provides improved cardiovascular function, and rosehip provides increased energy levels during physical activity.



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Customer Reviews

I am a paramedic, so I come in contact with sick people every day. Good immunity is especially important to me. Thats why I have been taking NuviaLab Immune on a regular basis for some time now. The composition of these pills is really impressive. They have a lot of vitamins that are essential for the immune system. Since I started taking this medication, I havent had any infectious diseases yet.
Immunity supplements always seemed like nonsense to me, because it is enough to eat a healthy diet and all the necessary vitamins will get into the body. However, since I work a lot, I dont have much time to prepare healthy meals. In addition, fatigue and lack of sleep also do their job. I bought NuviaLab Immune to boost my immune system, and these supplements have helped me a lot. After taking the pills, I dont have the same loss of energy that I used to. I sleep better and dont get infections anymore.
This is the best supplement I have ever taken. NuviaLab Immune is rich in vitamins and easy to take. Plus, I havent had any side effects. My immune system has definitely gotten stronger. Now Im not afraid of even the toughest of stresses.

Indications for use

NuviaLab Immune can be taken by anyone who needs a systematic strengthening of the immune system. This product is also recommended to be taken during periods of weakening of the immune system (for example, during weight loss). NuviaLab Immune is especially useful for the elderly and those recovering from severe illness. These immune boosting pills can also be recommended for those who lead a sedentary lifestyle and do not eat a healthy diet. It is important to remember that this supplement is not a substitute for regular meals and physical activity. Rather, it supplements them. To achieve the desired result, it is recommended to combine taking NuviaLab Immune with a proper diet and an active lifestyle.


Taking these pills is contraindicated for women during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Before taking NuviaLab Immune for the first time, be sure to read the instructions for use and familiarize yourself with the composition. It is necessary to make sure that there are no components in this drug that will cause an individual allergic reaction.

Doctor's review

Everyones immune system is the first line of defense against pathogenic germs. We often dont realize that we are dealing with over 60,000 pathogens every day! In order for the immune system to properly deal with these pathogens, I recommend NuviaLab Immune to all of my patients. This product is rich in immune important substances to help successfully fight pathogens.

Frequently Asked Questions

NuviaLab Immune Is a hoax?

We checked customer reviews and found no sign of cheating.

Is there a delivery?

Yes, the goods will be delivered to you by mail or courier service.

Can I buy it at the pharmacy?

No. Unfortunately, this product is not sold in pharmacies.


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