January 25, 2021
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Nanovein Product Overview. What is it?

Nanovein is a modern drug for the treatment of varicose veins. Eliminates the symptoms of the disease, fights against the causes of the appearance. You can order the product on the manufacturer’s website.

How to use?

Release form - gel and capsules. The drug is used in different ways. The form of release of the drug does not affect the effectiveness of treatment. The patient decides which remedy to use to treat the disease.
The gel is applied:

  1. Wash the inflamed area, steam the skin;
  2. Rub in the product gently with massage movements;
  3. Wait until absorbed;
  4. Apply twice a day: in the morning and evening.

Taking capsules twice a day, one at a time, preferably before meals. The duration of the therapeutic course is a month. The effect of the intake will be noticeable after a minimum amount of time after the start of the intake.

How does it work?

  • Restoration of venous blood flow, prevention of thrombosis;
  • Elimination of pain syndrome, which is achieved by treating inflammation;
  • Strengthening the walls of blood vessels, relieving edema.

The drug is safe, natural, easy to use. Intoxication and drug overdose have not been identified. Contraindication to use - intolerance to the components of the drug.
Nanovein-N is an effective drug for the fight against varicose veins, which has a number of advantages over its analogues. The advantages of the drug include affordable cost, natural composition, hypoallergenicity.
Reviews of the drug are positive. The tool works, eliminates the effects of varicose veins.

The composition of the drug

Natural ingredients (gel).

  • Nutmeg. Improving blood flow, healing;
  • Dihydroergocristine. Dilation of arterioles;
  • Hirudin. Derived from leeches, thins blood;
  • Lycopene - extract from unripe tomato fruits. Reduces venous pressure.
  • Allicin - reduces the amount of salt deposits, fights cholesterol plaques;
  • Horse chestnut. Normalization of venous tone, elimination of stagnant processes.

The capsules contain:

  • Elastin. Improvement of vein tone;
  • Hot pepper. Reducing the content of cholesterol in the bloodstream;
  • Eskurin. Blood pressure normalization;
  • Marine collagen. Strengthening the vascular and capillary walls;
  • Horse chestnut - reducing puffiness.

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