Lovense Osci 2 Product Overview. What Is It?

Lovense Osci 2

Lovense Osci 2 Product Overview. What Is It?

The Lovense Osci 2 is a wireless vibrator that stimulates the G-spot using an oscillatory dynamic principle.

Detailed information
Name Lovense Osci 2
Official site www.Lovense Osci
Price 39$
Availability Yes
Reviews Mostly positive
Country United Kingdom, USA, Philippines, India

How To Use?

The device needs to be charged first. Install the vibration control app from Google Play or App Store, depending on your phone platform. The application can be downloaded to your computer from the official website. But to use Lovense Osci 2 with a computer, you need a dedicated Bluetooth adapter. When using, you can set 3 modes of vibration intensity and rhythm.


  • Media Reviews
  • Low price
  • Confirmed by doctors
  • Natural composition

How Does It Work?

The special shape of the vibrator adapts to the anatomical characteristics of the woman, and the perfect oscillating head is able to stimulate the G position with maximum efficiency.
The vibrator is suitable for use alone or with a partner. Wireless technology allows you to control the product from a distance.
The app syncs with social networks. This allows you to experience a new sensation of virtual entertainment at a distance with a partner.
The main difference between Lovense Osci 2 and other vibrators is the principle of operation. Instead of a vibrating element, a swinging head is used, which gives more sensation than natural.
The vibrating handle is non-slip, so you can easily hold it in your hand while you work.
You can also use it in the bathroom as the Lovense Osci 2 is completely waterproof. It takes about 4 hours to fully charge the device.
The vibrator has a musical style that allows you to enjoy your favorite music.


Lovense Osci 2 comes with the following items:

  • A network cable with a USB connector for charging the device.
  • Users Guide.
  • The vibrator is made in a pleasant purple color and thanks to its unique shape it looks elegant.

The toy is made of materials safe for human health.



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Customer Reviews

I liked the Lovense Osci 2 vibrator for the specifics of the action - there is a motor inside the head of the device, which begins to pulsate immediately after turning on the device. Therefore, pleasant sensations arise from the very first minutes of the functioning of this innovative development. I have no complaints about the quality of the product: on the contrary, I really like to use this vibrator every day. Finally, my intimate life has become bright - not what it used to be.
The product differs from its counterparts, which can be understood at least by the presence of Bluetooth. Since this toy is unusual, I ordered it without even hesitation, because I wanted to experience all the advantages of the device in practice. I use this vibrator about 1 time in 3 days, I charge it once a week. Until now, I have only positive emotions from using this vibrator.
Bluetooth does not fail, like all other characteristics of the product. Therefore, I use the toy almost daily - this is a wonderful relaxation of the soul and body after a hard day's work. The product is of high quality, and I am quite satisfied with all its modes - from intensive to moderate. In addition, the cost of this vibrator is quite adequate, and based on my experience, it is even much cheaper than similar options.

Frequently Asked Questions

Lovense Osci 2 Is a hoax?

We checked customer reviews and found no sign of cheating.

Is there a delivery?

Yes, the goods will be delivered to you by mail or courier service.

Can I buy it at the pharmacy?

No. Unfortunately, this product is not sold in pharmacies.


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