The best sex toys

Using sex toys in bed is a great way to diversify your sex life. Male toys, female toys or suitable for stimulating the genitals of both partners - how to choose from a huge list what will fit perfectly into your couple?

Vacuum clitoral stimulator

The stimulation of a vacuum vibrator is different from the classical one. A small device made of high-quality silicone sucks the female clitoris, slightly compresses it, forming a vacuum. The most advanced devices are controlled through an application on a smartphone.

Vibro massager

This is what we are used to seeing in American films and porn videos of the early 2000s. Now this toy is not so relevant against the background of new stimulants, but still remains an unshakable classic. It was originally created as a body massager. It has a powerful speed, but this can have a bad effect on getting an orgasm in the future.

Vibrator-rabbit, or vibrator-dildo with a tail

The dildo is inserted inside, the tail, for which the device was called the rabbit, tickles the clitoris. Stimulation of the clitoris and its walls inside leads to a quick and vivid orgasm.

Vibration Bullet

Vibrator, the size of a lipstick - easily fits in your purse. Comes with ribbed attachments for extra stimulation. It has more than a dozen modes, it works quietly - it will allow you to have fun in a secluded place.

Butt Plug

Important: a high-quality butt plug that is safe for health should be made of silicone, not metal. Equipped with a vibration mode - will help prepare for anal sex.

Egg masturbator

The best stimulator for men, adapting to the curves of the penis. It has a ribbed structure that enhances the effect. Can be used in tandem with a partner. For ease of masturbation stretches over the hand. Used only once!

Vibrating Egg

Not to be confused with the egg masturbator. A vibrating egg is a female vibrator that is inserted into the vagina. The shape resembles a spermatozoon - a round body and a protruding long tail to stimulate the clitoris. Works remotely.


Made in the form of an erect member. His vibrations create an imitation of a male orgasm. Not compatible with clitoral stimulation. All sex toys are used with special water-based lubricants. Silicone-based lubricant used during classic sex will damage the material of the toy. After each use, the device is thoroughly washed with running water and soap.

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