September 23, 2021


Letilleul Product Overview. What is it?

Letilleul is a cream for skin care. It has an ideal composition, the formula of which was obtained as a result of many years of research on various combinations and quantities of active ingredients. It is a universal remedy for all types of common skin problems.

Too dry skin, the cream will provide balanced nutrition, sufficient hydration, adding softness and elasticity to it. Due to the presence of active ingredients, the product will remove wrinkles present on it. It will increase collagen production, tissue density, return the skin to its natural color, brightness, radiance.

How to use?

The use of the cream when caring for the skin is not difficult for any woman. A small amount of it is applied to the skin of the face, rubbed in with light massage movements until it is completely absorbed by the tissues. The best results are obtained with preliminary moisturizing of the skin.

The maximum manifestation of the effect of the drug is achieved at the end of the monthly course with daily use. Continuity of the process is a prerequisite for positive changes in the skin, which the manufacturer warns consumers about in the instructions for the drug attached to each tube of cream.

How does it work?

The components of the product, getting into the tissues of the skin of the face, improve its condition. Increase the elasticity of the skin, its density; return it to its natural shine and radiance.Providing normal moisture to the layers of the dermis, its nutrition leads to the disappearance of wrinkles, age spots, darkening under the eyes.


It is combined, includes ingredients that are useful and even unusual at first glance, which have been used for a long time or after recently discovered properties in cosmetology to maintain the skin in perfect condition. Thanks to the components, the skin receives the necessary hydration and nutrition.

The main composition of Letilleul cream is a rationally selected mixture of oils and essential extracts obtained from herbs. They contain a full range of vitamins and nutrients that help restore the skin, eliminate damage, the cause of which is often the action of free radicals, contact with the skin of dust, dirt, soot.

The special properties of the agent are given by a tripeptide called artificial snake venom in everyday life. Its presence in Letilleul reduces wrinkles and removes spasmodic components from the subcutaneous muscles.

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