June 22, 2021
Jelly Bear Hair

Jelly Bear Hair

Jelly Bear Hair Product Overview. What is it?

Jelly Bear Hair is a hair mask that restructures and reduces brittleness. The components of the product have a protective effect, since it is enriched with a number of natural ingredients. And most importantly, you can buy a cosmetic product at an affordable price that fully corresponds to its quality.

How to use?

The mask is very easy to apply. You need to apply it on clean, damp hair, and distribute not only along the entire length of the strands. Hair roots are also recommended to be processed.
Leave the composition for 10-15 minutes, so the effectiveness of the product will be higher and more noticeable. Then rinse the rest of the product with running water. After this mask, the hair becomes soft and manageable, it is easier to comb and does not get tangled.
You can use the cosmetic product after each hair wash. The duration of the use of the product is unlimited.

How does it work?

Hair mask has many benefits. Among them:

  • effective fight against inflammatory lesions of the scalp;
  • hair loss prevention;
  • "gluing" the ends, which prevents their further cutting;
  • improvement of hair structure;
  • elimination of dandruff and oily scalp;
  • Maintain a healthy shine.

The mask saturates the scalp with useful and nourishing elements. It stimulates blood circulation, which contributes to more active growth of the strands. In parallel, the components of the cosmetic product "awaken" inactive hair follicles. Due to this effect, the curls gradually become stronger and thicker, and completely stop falling out.
The mask has no contraindications or restrictions for use. It is suitable for all hair and scalp types.

The composition of the drug

The composition of the Jelly Bear Hair mask is 100% natural. The product does not contain aggressive chemicals or synthetic additives. Its formula is based on plant extracts supplemented with a vitamin and mineral complex. The mask also contains amino acids and antioxidants.
The combination of such active ingredients ensures high efficiency of the cosmetic product. Thanks to this, the hair is strengthened and begins to grow back more intensively.

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