July 27, 2021


Epilage Product Overview. What is it?

Epilage is a unique hair removal product that protects all skin types – dry, normal, oily, mixed, sensitive. The depilation process with Epilage on different parts of the body is painless and free of side effects. In addition, Epilage is a skin care product that preserves firmness and youthfulness.

How to use?

The Epilage cosmetic care product is simple and pleasant to use
Following the instructions:

  1. the required amount of Epilage powder is mixed in equal proportions with hot or boiling water, stirring to a dense slurry;
  2. in the direction of hair growth, the product is applied to the skin for about 15 minutes. Then it solidifies into a film. The film is torn off with a sharp jerk against hair growth;
  3. applying your favorite cream or lotion is necessary to calm down after the procedure;
  4. Examine treated leather for shine, smoothness and beauty.

How does it work?

Epilage depilatory product works reliably and for a long time.
After applying Epilage powder for several weeks, hair does not need to be removed. Further, the effect of thinning and slowing hair growth is manifested. Less and less often it is necessary to carry out the procedure, until the complete disappearance of the hairiness of the skin areas. The amazing effect of Epilage will amaze women who cannot tolerate aggressive medicinal chemicals.
Based on the composition, Epilage does not belong to drugs and dietary supplements, is not intended for oral administration and on irritated areas.
Epilage Depilatory does not fight infections caused by bacteria and viruses.

Pay attention to the composition of the Epilage product.If the components of the product cause you rare sensitive reactions, it is natural that Epilage is prohibited from use.

The composition of the drug

Epilage contains only natural ingredients for hair removal that improve the quality of the skin:

  • natural anthracite charcoal is used for deep cleansing of pores from dirt, grease and other secretions;
  • menthol is used to soothe and eliminate allergies and itching;
  • for intensive blood circulation at the site of application, elimination of nets, strengthening of blood vessels, essential oil of meadow mint is used;
  • to slow down hair growth and relieve inflammation, turmeric is included in the product;
  • sandalwood oil is used as an antiseptic effect, and it also gives the skin a beautiful shine.

Where to buy - At a pharmacy or store?

Customer Reviews

"After diluting the powder according to the instructions, the volume of the hair was significantly reduced on the skin, and the procedure was so pleasant. Recommend."

"With other methods of body hair removal, including shaving, coarse hair grows into the skin and causes inflammation. After using Epilage, there was no discomfort, the skin became smooth."

"I bought the product before going to the beach and was amazed at its effects after the first procedure. The skin not only loses hair, it also looks fresh."

Indications for use

Epilage for depilation is suitable for people with any skin type who want to carry out the necessary procedure in a comfortable home environment. Hair removal from the body when using epilating creams is combined with the simultaneous care of the dermis. Cosmetologists have developed a unique remedy for those who are afraid of painful sensations caused by other methods of hair removal. Natural essence provides its deep cleansing, which is part of the preparation for removing hair from the skin surface. Due to its hypoallergenic and antiseptic properties, the product is suitable for all ages and cleanses the deepest layers of the skin, giving it a healthy glow and freshness.


The cream showed no contraindications or complications. The composition of natural products has been thoroughly tested by specialists and is distinguished by the fact that it is absolutely harmless for all skin types.

Doctor's review

The epilation device contains unique components that not only gently help, but also effectively fight excess hair on the body and improve the overall condition of the dermis. Consumers do not experience red spots on their skin after using this product at home.


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