May 9, 2021


Dianol Product Overview. What is it?

Dianol is a unique product with a natural composition. The development of this drug was carried out by specialists from Germany. The result of this fruitful work was the creation of a combined formula.
Development has been going on for years, many clinical trials have been carried out. The results surprised everyone: approximately 68% of patients completely got rid of their blood sugar problems.
Diabetes is a common disease that many people experience negatively. Today, there are a huge variety of drugs that fight this disease. However, the lion’s share of them is pure chemistry, but you shouldn’t be upset, because scientists have already developed a plant-based drug!

How to use?

Dianol can be used to treat children as well as adults:

  • 12+: colorless green capsule 30 minutes before meals in the morning, colorless capsule in the evening 30 minutes before meals; 30-day course; 3 courses throughout the year;
  • 3-6 years: dissolve the contents of a colorless green capsule in water and drink in the morning on an empty stomach half an hour before meals; on the trail. a day, drink a second capsule in the same way; course - 15 days; 3 courses per year;
  • 6-9 years: similar to 3-6 years, but the duration of the course is increased to 30 days;
  • 9-12 years old: similar to 12+, but the duration of therapy is reduced to 15 days.

How does it work?

Dianol cleanses the lymph and blood, and also prevents possible complications, maintains the normal state of the immune system. Also, the drug normalizes carbohydrate metabolism and has other positive effects on the body.

The composition of the drug

Dianol is available in two separate capsules. Each capsule contains plant substances and useful vitamins, as well as trace elements.
The colorless capsule contains extraordinary native oils of pine nut, black cumin, as well as milk thistle and amaranth, goji berries and rose hips, blueberries, gooseberry concentrate and corn stigmas, cordyceps, etc.
The colorless green capsule is represented by beans, black garlic biogenic concentrate, tuberous sunflower concentrates, biogenic leucine, clover flowers, artichoke baskets, lemongrass, bear bile, turmeric and others.

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