The best products for facial skin

Hectic workdays and unhealthy lifestyles deprive our skin of the care it needs. Skin rejuvenation treatments can help your skin regain its natural glow, reverse the signs of aging, and prevent any type of damage. Below you can find existing and currently available methods of facial skin rejuvenation.

List of facial skin rejuvenation methods

Chemical peeling

Chemical peels come in a variety of formulas that improve the appearance of damaged skin. The chemicals used in the peel, such as trichloroacetic acid, glycolic acid, salicylic acid, treat scarring caused by wounds. They minimize skin complications and work great on blemishes and wrinkles. When you apply a chemical peel, it causes friction with the skin, which leads to flaking of your epidermis. This procedure removes all dirt and bacteria, thereby improving the surface of the skin. The process can take several weeks before the first results appear.


Dermabrasion is another exfoliation method that uses a rotating instrument to remove the topmost layer of skin, mostly on the face. This allows the new layers of skin to appear smooth and youthful. Dermabrasion goes deep into your tissues and treats skin problems like sun spots, acne scars, and uneven tone.

Laser resurfacing

Light and heat are the two main sources of energy used in laser resurfacing to remove the outer layer of the skin and heat the underlying structure. This procedure stimulates the growth of collagen fibers, which improves skin texture and contributes to an even tone.

Glycolic Acid Peel

Glycolic Acid Peel removes dead skin cells from the surface and underlying layers of the skin. Glycolic acid contains small molecules that penetrate deep into the skin even more easily and break down lipids that cover dead skin cells.

Benefits of drug therapy

Rejuvenation medicine has reached incredible heights in recent years, and the above is just a small list of methods that will help your face regain its former youth. However, although these procedures are available, they may not always be affordable for a simple layman. And here time-tested medicines, including various ointments and creams, will come to the rescue. On our website you can find a list of products for facial skin rejuvenation.

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