September 24, 2021


Bioretin Product Overview. What is it?

Bioretin is a very useful cosmetic product manufactured by the Holiday Company and has an effect comparable in power to Botox injections and even surgical intervention.

How to use?

This drug is intended for application to areas of the face and skin in general. It is allowed to cover any part of the body - except for the least protected near the mouth, nostrils and eyes. The skin is very thin here. Designed for all skin types of hands and face, but not limited to application to other areas of the body.
It is applied with fingers, without the use of cosmetics or gloves. After application, the cream is absorbed quite well and quickly.
There are no allergic reactions, however, due to the saturation of the chemical composition, it is recommended to use it once a day. Optimal use after bathing, when the skin is most cleansed and rested after water treatments.
The effect of the changes will be visible one and a half to three weeks after the start of regular use.

How does it work?

The effect of Bioretin is to support and enhance the natural production of compounds that have a beneficial effect on the skin: collagen in the first place.
At the same time, skin cells receive a much-needed component and begin to regenerate. The renewal takes place with the restoration of inner strength and bright beauty of the skin. The skin looks fresh and youthful - and all this in a very short period of time.
Compared to food, Bioretin is a vitamin cocktail that boosts skin rejuvenation. It primarily affects wrinkles and folds, successfully reducing their volume by almost two-thirds.
Having in its composition compounds that increase blood circulation, Bioretin will help reduce puffiness and remove it altogether, which will lead to lightening and elimination of the so-called bags under the eyes.


Bioretin is a cream color that:

  • consists of a system of micro and macro elements, balanced for a positive effect on the skin;
  • helps the natural formation of collagen and elastin - substances that contribute to the elasticity of the skin;
  • includes a variety of antioxidants that block the entry of destructive compounds.

One of the nuances of skin needs is the need for elasticity - young skin is very elastic, but closer to 40-50 years old it becomes more and more flabby and requires care.

Where to buy - At a pharmacy or store?

Customer Reviews

"The drug was advised to me by a friend, she is very grateful, she used it on her husband, who could not get out of alcoholic drunkenness for a long time. Thanks to the doctors for such a good development that really saves people. We took the drug for two weeks, the result was already shown on the first one, my husband felt better, and the discomfort from the body disappeared, an appetite appeared!"

"Bioretin was advised to me by the doctor I am seeing. Thank you very much to him and the doctors who created a powerful drug that helped to get out of the alcoholic pit. My mental state has become much better and nothing worries me now."

"Not a single pill helped me until a friend recommended Bioretin, I even took it myself, and after a month I was happy with the result. I have been taking the drug for the third week already, and my condition is getting much better than before, I advise everyone to effectively get rid of alcohol addiction!"

Indications for use

Bioretin tablets are prescribed for teens as well as children to improve mental performance. The drug also helps adults with memory problems, while the tablets increase concentration. If a person abuses alcohol or has a pathological craving for strong drinks, then Bioretin is perfect for the patient. At the same time, the drug helps to reduce internal discomfort, instill a feeling of hunger, and also remove thoughts about alcohol. The drug is considered strong and perfectly relieves of syndromes that manifest themselves in a serious form in people.


Bioretin should not be taken with alcohol or other medications. Moreover, if drugs depress the central nervous system, then they should not be taken together with the medicine. A person who is hypersensitive to vitamin B should not take this drug. Also, a patient with lactose deficiency and who has problems with glucose in the body (lack) is strictly prohibited from taking Bioretin.

Doctor's review

I am a narcologist and I advise a drug for those who like to take a sip of alcohol. Bioretin is a strong enough medicine that is perfect for those who want to get rid of alcohol addiction. I also want to note that the pills are suitable for adults who do not get out of alcoholic intoxication for several days. The tablets should be taken in a certain course and not constantly in order to learn how to develop willpower. I advise the medicine as a reliable assistant!


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