September 23, 2021
SolarGuard Pro

SolarGuard Pro

SolarGuard Pro Product Overview. What is it?

SolarGuard Pro is a state-of-the-art burglar alarm system designed to provide additional protection for your home. If you are thinking of additional protection for your home or garage, then SolarGuard Pro is the way to go. Even if you are not at home, in the event of a visit from unexpected guests, the system will immediately notify you.
This is the best signaling option that can be found on the market right now.
Most likely, you have at least once, but had to hear the story that intruders invaded the territory of someones living space while no one was at home. This becomes the reason for robberies, thefts and other criminal acts. Now you dont have to worry about it. SolarGuard Pro takes care of your protection, your family members and your property. This alarm system uses solar energy. And in any suspicious situation, you will be notified and warned.

How to use?

Choose the most convenient location for the SolarGuard Pro. This may be the area in front of the house.
The alarm is equipped with sensors that are battery powered (solar powered).
The sensor will beep as soon as someone tries to cross the infrared sensor.
Thanks to the sound signal, you will always be aware of and warned about the presence of unwanted guests.

How does it work?

This alarm is equipped with a PIR or passive infrared sensor. This sensor is distinguished by its power, which guarantees accurate detection of anyone who tries to pass by.
The sensor not only detects unnecessary movements, but also emits a warning sound signal.


  • Solar panels. The system is powered by solar panels. You dont need to change them as they are automatically charged by sunlight.
  • Waterproof materials IP65. Due to such materials, the system operates in any weather conditions.
  • Reliable sensors. The system is equipped with high quality motion sensors. It has enough power to detect any moving object.
  • Volume. The device supports volume up to 190 dB.

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