September 23, 2021


Slim’n’fit Product Overview. What is it?

Slim’n’fit is a slimming T-shirt for men. This innovative type of shapewear successfully masks all the imperfections of the male torso and helps to look better. Wearing it regularly has a compressive and massage effect, stimulates metabolic processes and promotes the breakdown of fat in problem areas.

How to use?

T-shirt-tightening Slim'n'fit is a completely safe product that is suitable for men of any age and weight. When worn for a long time, it will help get rid of excess body fat and find the figure of your dreams.
Shapewear can be worn under any clothing, even a thin T-shirt. The shirt fits like a second skin and remains completely invisible.
Special tailoring with built-in unique pull-up panels helps to skillfully hide all problem areas. No one will see folds on the back, sagging sides and a bulging belly. The figure looks natural thanks to the uniform tightening.
The product is available in different sizes, so absolutely any man can choose modeling underwear for himself.

How does it work?

Most men also care about their appearance and do not consider a bulging beer belly to be the norm. Many dream of a fit figure with abs cubes on their stomachs. Here are just gaining extra pounds quickly, and parting with them is not easy. Hard work on your own body will take a long time, but you want to look good right now. Mike Slim'n'fit will help you to transform faster.
In addition, shapewear:

  • provides additional back support and improves posture;
  • relieves tension and fatigue from back muscles;
  • doubles sweating during sports;
  • several times enhances the effect of training for the press and back muscles;
  • helps you get rid of extra pounds faster.

The corrective T-shirt will not only help you get ready for the beach season faster, but also visualize the desired figure now.


The material from which the T-shirt is made is 80% nylon, 20% elastane.

  • Nylon is a highly durable synthetic fabric. When worn for a long time, it retains its color and density. Products made from it keep their shape well, do not stretch or deform. The material is crease-free, durable, washable and easy to clean.
  • Elastane gives the product the ability to stretch up to 300% and return to its original shape. The material does not absorb moisture, therefore it is widely used for sewing clothing for sports. High strength allows for longer product life.

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