January 20, 2021
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Removio Product Overview. What is it?

Removio is a cream designed to remove papillomas and warts. The components from the composition of the agent for a short period of time affect the formation and destroy it. The effect of using the cream is observed within one week. To achieve maximum results, it is recommended to apply the cream as a course.

How to use?

Removio cream should be applied to papilloma or wart in a small amount, rubbing it lightly with your finger. The procedure is sufficient to carry out once or twice a day, depending on the size of the formation. The duration of the course of application of the drug depends on the same factor. If the growths are insignificant, then the cream must be used within thirty days. With warts and papillomas, which appear regularly, the duration of application of the drug increases to one and a half months. If the growths are chronic and large in size, then the period can be extended to sixty days.
To consolidate the result obtained, it is recommended to conduct repeated courses. This should be done no earlier than three months and no later than six months after the previous cycle of using the cream. Repeated use of Removio will greatly reduce the risk of recurrence of warts and papillomas.

How does it work?

Removio can be used not only to fight warts and papillomas, but also calluses. The main condition is a dry surface. If the corn is filled with liquid, the cream cannot be applied. The action of the agent is due to the combination of sodium and potassium compounds in its composition. The components penetrate the build-up and start the natural processes of its destruction.
Removio can achieve the following effects:

  • normalization of regeneration processes in tissues;
  • quick elimination of aesthetic problems;
  • restoring the work of skin cells.

Removio cream can be used anywhere on the body.For example, it can be used to get rid of growths in the décolleté area, on the face, hands, feet, back. The main nuance is adherence to the course of using the product. If you take breaks and forget to treat warts or papillomas, then the effectiveness will be reduced.

The composition of the drug

Removio contains no synthetic or inorganic substances. The main components in it are ginger oil, lemon balm extract, cinnamon, tea tree oil, comfrey extract, lemongrass essential oil. These components are of plant origin. They act on tissues and start disturbed processes in cells.
Additionally, the composition contains:

  • nicotinamide;
  • vitamin E.

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