January 16, 2021
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Psorilax Product Overview. What is it?

Psoriasis is a skin disease that haunts many Russians, as well as residents of other countries. This disease has been actively combated for a long time, and one of the best helpers in this is the special Psorilax cream. Its composition includes only natural ingredients. So, to your attention is the drug Psorilax!

Psorilax is the latest drug to help fight psoriasis quickly and effectively. Currently, there are a huge number of generics (analogues) of this ointment on the market. However, compared to them, Psorilax, like no other, does its job best.
Psorilax acts comprehensively: eliminates itching and peeling, quickly restores the skin, and also nourishes and moisturizes it. The composition includes only natural plant components that complement each other, enhancing the properties of the drug.

How to use?

Psorilax cream should be applied 2-3 times a day to problem areas and gently rub in circular movements.
Also, the cream should be applied not only to problem areas, but also around them. Thus, it will be possible to exclude the spread of psoriasis.

How does it work?

After the cream gets on the skin, it fights against external defects. Then, through microelements and vitamins, it enters the skin, eliminating the problem from the inside. Only with daily use of the cream, the keratinized epithelium will desquamate. After some time, itching and redness will pass.
After only one month of use, you can see the results! However, Psorilax should still be used until complete recovery.

The composition of the drug

Psorilax is safe to use, as its unique composition contains only natural ingredients.
The cream mainly consists of:
Rapeseed oil. This oil is able to withstand the formation of blood clots. It also improves blood flow and vascular patency.

  • Candelilla wax. Accelerates the regeneration of wounds and cracks in the skin, fights against dry epithelium.
  • Panthenol. Increases the recovery rate of affected cells, possesses.
  • Anti-inflammatory action, renews the epidermis.
  • Oat protein. Eliminates itching and peeling of the skin, improves its condition. And also fights against plaques and eliminates irritation, and as a result, redness.
  • Shea butter. Helps to restore, soften and restore the skin. Saturates epidermal cells with minerals and vitamins.

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