September 23, 2021
Power Wavy

Power Wavy

Power Wavy Product Overview. What is it?

Power Wavy is a neoprene jersey set that is a great way to perfect your body! It is specially designed for those who dream of losing weight quickly.
The best way to get in shape is through sports. But we all know that not everyone wants to do this. Get lightning fast results with this unique Power Wavy neoprene suit. When using it, metabolism, blood circulation is accelerated, legs are pumped and toxins are removed. It is completely safe.

How to use?

You wear the Power Wavy and do what you like: walk down the street, ride your bike or roller skate, or work in the garden. Be sure to shower after class. If you want the best results, start eating right.

How does it work?

Power Wavy quickly burns fat and strengthens muscles. Since this material is very elastic and has a special tailoring, it will create a simulated effect. The fat goes where it needs to go. As a result, you will have a great figure with luxurious shapes and a thin waist without wasting time working out in the gym. But even those with minimal physical activity can achieve good results.


The high-tech Power Wavy set consists of shorts and a Velcro strap. But you can use them separately. It emphasizes the figure very well and adds volume to the waist. It also looks very nice and elegant.
Neoprene is a special elastic material made from rubber. Thick, lightweight and pleasant to the touch. No redness or discomfort. Thanks to clothes made from such materials, your body heats up very quickly, and fat melts faster and more efficiently. Your figure will be slim and attractive.

Where to buy - At a pharmacy or store?

Customer Reviews

"I have been using the Power Wavy Neoprene Kit for almost 3 months and cannot stop admiring this kit. I used to have problems losing weight, but after using this kit, I lost almost 4 kilograms! I am very glad that I found out about this kit. I will continue to wear it. I recommend this kit to you too. If you want to quickly and effectively lose those extra pounds, wear only this kit."

"This kit has shown itself to be much more effective than various means that do not bring results. Moreover, it does not cause unpleasant skin diseases. Thanks to this kit, I have lost 8 kg and have been wearing this neoprene kit for only 3 months. It is completely safe. I am very glad that it brought me a positive result and I recommend it to everyone!"

"I first started wearing the Power Wavy neoprene kit after being persuaded to try it by a friend of mine. But I did not think that with his help I would achieve such high results. Thanks to this kit, I was able to get rid of excess belly fat and is completely ready for the summer season! I recommend everyone to use this kit, it will very quickly and effectively help you get rid of excess weight."

Indications for use

This neoprene kit is designed to eliminate excess weight.


This kit has no contraindications, has no side reactions, does not cause allergic reactions and addiction to the body. It is not recommended to wear it only for those people who cannot tolerate the individual components of the kit.

Doctor's review

For weight loss, it is no longer necessary to take various drugs. Meet a revolutionary new tool - the Power Wavy neoprene kit. It was created especially for those who dream of losing weight very quickly. This effective remedy will help you fight extra pounds. We all know that the best way to get in shape is through sports. But we all know very well that not everyone likes it. And besides, you need to try to find the time for this. This unique neoprene garment will help you achieve lightning fast results. When using this kit, the metabolism, blood circulation will accelerate; the buttocks are pumped up and toxins are eliminated. It is absolutely safe. You will not get dislocated or injured. Therefore, I can safely recommend this neoprene kit to my clients.


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