June 25, 2021
Peruvian Maca

Peruvian Maca

Peruvian Maca Product Overview. What is it?

Peruvian Maca is a potency enhancer for men. It is of vegetable origin and is valued by many Latin peoples for its many beneficial qualities. It is used in folk medicine, as well as for animal feed.

How to use?

The drug is taken once, the minimum dose is 3 g, and the maximum dose should not exceed 6 g. The minimum dose of the drug will be enough to achieve a mild stimulating effect. A therapeutic dose that a doctor can prescribe for a course of treatment of 5 g.
The dosage of the product in the form of powder or capsules may differ, so in the case of using Peruvian Maca powder, daily and single doses are calculated in grams. For example, 5g one-time intake of funds, 20g daily rate.
In case of taking Peruvian Maca in capsules, a single dosage is 1 capsule, and the daily dosage is not more than three.
The course of treatment can last from one week to half a year. If necessary, long-term therapy is made for short breaks up to 10 days.

How does it work?

Peruvian Maca contains many useful substances, which makes the product very useful for the body as a whole.Its action is primarily aimed at stabilizing the work of the hormonal system, thereby restoring sexual desire. The excipients contained in Peruvian Maca improve the work of blood vessels, fill the body with useful substances and are afraid of inflammatory processes.

The composition of the drug

A substance of natural origin, therefore, in its composition there are many different useful substances that have a beneficial effect on the body:

  • Maltodextrin - accelerates metabolism and stabilizes metabolic processes in the body. This promotes quick recovery from all kinds of viral diseases and promotes the detoxification process.
  • Maltose - has a tonic effect. Improves blood circulation, fills the body with vitality. It will help to cope with the problem of rapid ejaculation and increase the duration of intercourse.
  • Zinc - has a beneficial effect on the quantity and quality of sperm. Required for reception in case of problems with conception.
  • Selenium - enhances the sensations of intercourse, and can also be the prevention of STDs.
  • Fatty acid amides - will have a general strengthening effect on the body. In addition, they will make the sexual life longer and strengthen the erection.
  • Alkaloids - will cope with inflammatory processes in the genitourinary system and make the process of coitus better.
  • Thiocinates and glycosinolates - have anti-tumor properties, will be an excellent prevention of various cancers.

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