September 24, 2021


Nomidol Product Overview. What is it?

Nomidol is a cream for foot fungus. It was created by scientists from RANS. This medicinal ointment, according to the manufacturers, is able to rid a person of the fungus after undergoing one course of treatment. Using this antifungal agent gives the following results:

  • Relief from itching and flaking.
  • Restoration of nails: no more cracks, no flaking of the skin, and a healthy-looking nails.
  • The skin of the foot will be restored: the skin will become more tender, blisters, cracks will disappear, and pain will no longer bother.
  • The correct functioning of the sweat glands will be restored.

How to use?

For the effective work of the drug, you must strictly follow the instructions for use. You need to take a little cream and apply it to the site of the fungus infection. The cream should be massaged over the entire area of ​​the skin. To prevent the occurrence of fungus, it is recommended to use the ointment 2 times a day. The standard course lasts 15 days. The therapeutic course continues for a month, with the application of the cream every evening before bedtime.

How does it work?

The cream, thanks to its components, allows you to actively fight against fungal infection. Active substances penetrate under the nail plate and irritate the spores of the fungus. These unfavorable conditions prevent it from spreading and continuing to damage the skin and nails. After application, healing of wounds and cracks also begins. After completing the course, the nail plate and the skin affected by the fungus are completely restored. And depending on the characteristics of the human body, immunity to fungal infection will be developed.


Nomidol ointment is based on natural ingredients that do not cause allergies. They allow you to act on a fungal infection and fight it. The main composition of the drug:

  • Celandine oil is mainly an effective antiseptic that disinfects and cleanses damaged skin. In addition, it allows cracks to heal and skin to be smoothed.
  • St. John's wort oil - has the effect of healing wounds and restoring skin and nails.
  • Lemon balm oil - relieves discomfort by relieving itching, burning and getting rid of unpleasant odor.
  • Beaver musk is the main active ingredient that softens the nail and penetrates into the site of infection.
  • Tea tree oil - strengthens the nail plate and skin.

Where to buy - At a pharmacy or store?

Customer Reviews

"I got nail fungus after I started going to the pool. At first, I was worried about a slight itching between the fingers, and then they began to blush. The beginning is treated with fashionable and expensive medicines. Some effect became noticeable only after a few months. During this time, my husband managed to get infected from me. He opened Nomidol for us. I regretted that from the very beginning I did not start using this particular tool. I would have saved more money and time."

"By the nature of my work, I spend most of my time in shoes. It is clear that even basic hygiene is out of the question. Therefore, my fungus repeats itself several times a year. For a very long time I downloaded with different drugs, until a friend recommended Nomidol. For fun, I decided to try. And I didn’t regret it. The fungus receded almost immediately."

"The fungus tormented me for a very long time. And all because of my stupid habit of trying on someone elses shoes. Most likely, she caught this infection. At first she tried to save herself with folk recipes. And then I heard about Nomidol. I wanted to feel the relief as soon as possible. Its finished! This cream helped me a little. Now I want to take a full course. I hope that after it the discomfort will leave me, as well as the illness itself. By the way, the cream is also suitable for prophylactic use. If you visit public places such as a bath or a swimming pool, then it is better to start using this wonderful tool in advance. In order not to start the disease."

Indications for use

The tool is used to treat fungus and associated symptoms such as itching, pain, redness, burning, flaking nails, cracks in the skin, seals, changes in nail color.


The possibility of an overdose of the cream is excluded. When applied to healthy skin, it will moisturize and tone.

Doctor's review

If people come to me with a fungus, then most often I prescribe Nomidol for them. The remedy actually destroys parasites. It is also very convenient to use at home. After all, people often underestimate this disease. Most often, they visit a doctor when everything is already running. And in this case, it is very difficult to fully overcome the disease. Thanks Nomidol. It is enough to complete the course and there will be no trace of the symptoms.


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