September 24, 2021
Neck Relax Pro

Neck Relax Pro

Neck Relax Pro Product Overview. What is it?

Neck Relax Pro is a modern massage machine that helps to eliminate discomfort and soreness in the neck and upper back. He is able to replace massage sessions and get rid of problems in a short time.

How to use?

Neck Relax Pro has 6 modes. It is recommended to select the most suitable massage settings depending on the current state. The device is easy to use. First you need to turn on the device, use the buttons to set the mode, put the device around your neck and enjoy the procedure. The recommended duration of the massage is 10-20 minutes. To be more effective, you should wet the area of ​​your skin with a damp towel before using the machine.

How does it work?

The Neck Relax Pro device uses a combination of three technologies:

  • Infrared heat - improves blood circulation, eliminates inflammation, relieves muscle tension.
  • Electrical impulse - reduces muscle spasms, relieves stress, strengthens nerves and gives peace of mind.
  • Ultrasound therapy - effectively treats injuries in the neck and upper back that may occur due to improper posture, provides natural relief from pain and discomfort.

The massager has the following advantages:

  • instantly relaxes and relieves everyday stress, improves mood and gives incredible freshness;
  • quickly relieves neck and upper back pain, straightens posture and straightens the body;
  • fits snugly and is therefore effective;
  • simple and convenient to use at home and at work, during travel and business trips; does not take up much space and does not require an outlet, since it runs on batteries; safe to use.

The result will be noticeable after the first use, but the device must be used until the painful sensations in the neck and upper back area disappear. The device was developed by a professional team of specialists and has undergone numerous studies.It has no contraindications and has no side effects. It is recommended for use from the age of 18.


The device is made of durable and environmentally friendly plastic material, has an on / off switch, a regulator to control the intensity of the massage. Includes 2 batteries, 2 gel massage pads, connecting cable.

Where to buy - At a pharmacy or store?

Customer Reviews

"I work on a computer in the office. In the evening, the neck tingles and the head begins to ache badly. I already went for a massage, but the unpleasant sensation still comes back. My wife bought me Neck Relax Pro, it is easy to put on your neck and press a button, you can also select the speed mode. Initially used only after work in the evening. The neck muscles relaxed very quickly, and I felt better. Then he drove to work to use the massager during the working day. I am completely satisfied with the result."

"I have suffered from neck pain for many years. I am often treated and given massage. There are days when the pain recurs. As soon as I got worse, I decided to look for a remedy that could help at home. I learned about the Neck Relax Pro massager - very convenient and easy to use. I recommend!"

"Friends introduced me to the massager. I am very grateful to them for this. Often at the end of the working day I feel tension, pain in my neck and back. Regular medical massage is also helpful, but I can't always find the time to visit a massage therapist. In these cases, Neck Relax Pro can help me. You need to put it on, wrap it around your neck, select the desired mode and activate. Helps you relax, feel better. I travel a lot at work. The device helps prevent fatigue in this area by using it on the go."

Indications for use

Neck Relax Pro is recommended for relieving neck and upper back pain. Helps relax.


During the research, no side effects and contraindications were identified.

Doctor's review

Among my patients, there are also regular clients who regularly face the same problem. If there is discomfort in the neck or back, it is not always possible to sign up for a massage course. In such cases, I recommend that patients purchase Neck Relax Pro. At any time, they can independently eliminate discomfort, thereby preventing exacerbation.


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