June 25, 2021


Intoxic Product Overview. What is it?

Intoxic is an effective remedy for getting rid of helminthic invasion. The drug was developed by practicing specialists, therefore it is useful and at the same time safe. The composition of the solution is represented by natural ingredients, each of which is known for its beneficial effect on the human body. The product is released in liquid form, for receptions the concentrate is measured drop by drop. The drug is designed for home use, which allows you to get rid of a delicate problem in confidence.

How to use?

The drug must be used strictly according to the instructions, it is in each package with the drug. The minimum duration of therapy is 10 days, the maximum is 1 month. A single and daily dosage, taking into account the patients age, is prescribed in the package insert. The product must be washed down with still water. It is advisable to take Intoxic on an empty stomach. It is important not to interrupt the course with the initial improvement in well-being and to complete the treatment.

How does it work?

The drug has a detrimental effect on parasites, through defecation it removes them from the digestive tract. Regenerates tissues that are damaged during helminthic invasion. Saturates the body with a sufficient amount of enzymes, improves digestion. It also performs anthelmintic, analgesic, anti-inflammatory function. Improves overall health and mood, eliminates insomnia and irritability.

The composition of the drug

Intoxic contains Dzhungarian ferula, Sumakh juice, bear bile and a vitamin and mineral complex. The listed components do the following:

  • They stop the vital activity of helminths, cleanse the gastrointestinal tract from them.
  • Eliminate nausea, improve appetite.
  • Restore normal weight indicators.
  • Reduce inflammation progressing in the abdominal cavity due to helminthic invasion.
  • Replenish the amount of nutrients necessary for the normal functioning of the body.

The drug Intoxic does not contain any artificial component, which compares favorably with analogues. The product is characterized by good tolerance and health benefits. The product has a high quality certificate. Such a document is issued only after laboratory and clinical examinations, and this means that Intoxic has passed the necessary checks and has proven its usefulness.

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