June 24, 2021
Hello Slim

Hello Slim

Hello Slim Product Overview. What is it?

Hello Slim is an effective overall detoxification agent. Cleans the blood from toxic components accumulated due to improper nutrition, taking medications, staying in an unfavorable environment, the presence of diseases. Innovative development – in the form of tea. It is designed for morning and night or evening use and has the appropriate markings – Hello Slim Good Morning and Hello Slim Good Night. The tool improves health in 1 course, the product receives approving reviews.

How to use?

Each type of tea should be consumed at different times: in the morning - immediately after waking up, in the evening - just before bedtime. Each serving should be prepared immediately before taking. Brew tea in the standard way, leave for 3-5 minutes. An instruction is attached to the food packaging, which sets out the rules for completing the course. It is important not to interrupt the use of the product at the initial improvement in well-being, but to complete the detoxification program completely.

How does it work?

Morning and night (evening) tea has an anti-inflammatory, immunomodulatory, antioxidant effect on the body. Tones up, improves the state of the nervous system, normalizes the activity of the brain. It prevents the development of infectious and inflammatory diseases, eliminates the signs of hypovitaminosis, prevents physical and psychological exhaustion.

The composition of the drug

Hello Slim Good Morning ingredients - extract of green tea, rose, eucalyptus leaves, guarana, mate, elderberry, chicory root. The listed components are of plant origin and are well tolerated. Hello Slim Good Night tea contains ginger root extract, orange peel, hibiscus, licorice, lemon grass, mint. The listed components of 2 types of tea perform the following functions:

  • Cleanse the body from toxins.
  • Tone.
  • Normalize skin condition.
  • Promote the production of enzymes necessary for proper digestion.
  • Accelerate metabolism.
  • Maintain a healthy weight.

Hello Slim's innovative design is non-allergenic and non-addictive. Therefore, the results achieved during the course are retained after its completion. The possibility of using this tool is officially approved by specialists.

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