January 25, 2021
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EffectEro Product Overview. What is it?

EffectEro is a capsule formulation designed to improve potency. Effectively affects psychogenic problems (when potency deteriorates due to stressful situations, nervous overstrain, increased anxiety), as well as organic (malfunction of the endocrine or circulatory system, inflammatory processes) and even medicinal (loss of potency due to the use of sedatives or other drugs). EffectEro has a natural composition, therefore it does not cause side effects; men can take it even in old age.

How to use?

Capsules to increase potency are recommended for internal intake three times a day, one piece without reference to the time of meals. The duration of the course is selected individually depending on the cause of the development of problems with potency and can range from 40 days to 2.5 months. To consolidate the effect, you should re-take the course, but not earlier than 3 months later.

How does it work?

In case of minor problems in the work of the reproductive system, the drug helps to increase blood flow to the genitals, thereby increasing libido, improving erection.
With effective recovery, it helps to improve the production of antibodies (important for inflammation of the prostate gland), normalizes testosterone and androgen levels, and strengthens the nervous system.
In addition to the main action - improving potency, the active substances of the capsules help to remove toxins and cholesterol from the man's body, which often have a negative effect on the circulatory system.

The composition of the drug

EffectEro capsules contain only herbal ingredients, the main ones are:

  • Ginseng root extract. Increases male strength, increases sex drive, makes a man more enduring.
  • Shiitake mushroom fruiting body extract. The plant contains many useful substances that have a positive effect on potency, normalizing the condition of the prostate.
  • Rosehip fruit extract. The beneficial components contained in this plant help to normalize the endocrine system, thereby increasing the production of essential hormones.

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