April 19, 2021


E-Energy Product Overview. What is it?

E-Energy is an innovative device that will help you save on energy costs. It is an outlet that reduces electromagnetic radiation and allows you to extend the life of your devices. The manufacturer is Switzerland.

How to use?

The devices are very easy to use. You may not even need operating instructions. It is enough to set up the control of the device from the remote control or a smartphone. Then E-Energy must be connected to the network and can be fully used.

How does it work?

It often happens that there are interruptions with the light. When current flows to equipment, then from time to time the voltage tends to jump. Turned off electrical appliances continue to consume wasted electricity. To eliminate these problems, E-Energy was developed. The operation of the devices is aimed at blocking the use of current during the waiting period and preventing voltage interruptions.
The device operates in two directions. First of all, thanks to the parting, the service life of any electrical device increases. And the second point is the consumption of a certain amount of energy. As a result, the risks of voltage interruptions are eliminated. Savings of almost 50% are obtained per month (depending on the equipment category).
E-Energy helps to save energy when using refrigerators, air conditioners. On small household items (toaster, kettle, LED lamps), the savings will be about 20%.
In fact, there are many similar devices on the market. E-Energy differs from the rest in many advantages. One of which is affordable cost. Just a couple of months and your expenses will pay off. This device is resistant to power surges, so it will definitely not fail. The device has its own lifespan, but much depends on the conditions of use.

The composition of the drug

The net weight of the device is only 125 grams, and the size is 31 cm. The thickness is 40 millimeters, which allows you to place the device on different furniture.

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