January 23, 2021
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CBDus Product Overview. What is it?

CBDus is a natural preparation designed to restore immunity, eliminate diseases of various body systems. The tool eliminates existing pathologies, prevents the emergence of new violations. The innovative development is in the form of capsules, and this makes it easier to complete the course without the involvement of doctors. The drug is superior to pharmacy counterparts, since it does not accumulate in the liver, is safe for the kidneys and heart, and always provides the expected result.

How to use?

You must take CBDus as directed by the manufacturer. The product should be taken in 1 capsule, in the morning, at lunchtime and in the evening. Drink the drug with a sufficient amount of still water. It is advisable to adhere to the same time for taking the capsules. The minimum course duration is 1 month, the standard course is 40 days.

How does it work?

CBDus stimulates the immune and endocrine systems by alternately restoring the function of each endocrine gland. Capsules protect against attacks of pathogenic microflora, as they increase the protective functions of the body. The tool eliminates hypovitaminosis and deficiency of trace elements in the blood. Reduces and normalizes body weight, saturates tissues with oxygen, increases the overall tone of the body, prevents the appearance of lethargy.

The composition of the drug

CBDus is all natural and therefore one of the preferred health promotion options. The product is made on the basis of biologically active substances, which include a vitamin and mineral complex, amino acids, natural oils, flavonoids. The components of the drug perform the following functions:

  • Normalize the production of hormones, correct the balance of these substances in the body.
  • Purify the blood from toxins, radionuclides.
  • Normalize the condition and function of the bone marrow, spleen, lymph nodes.
  • Improves heart function, prevents high blood pressure.
  • They relieve acute and chronic inflammation, since their presence weakens the immune system.

To ensure that the capsules are effective and safe for health, CBDus was tested before it went on sale. It has been proven that this drug has a high prophylactic and therapeutic property, improves the state of the body even in cases where pharmaceutical immunomodulators have not done it.

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