The best means for vision

When a person notices that his vision is deteriorating, first of all he thinks about whether it can be restored. Poor vision can be either congenital or acquired. There are few methods for improving vision, but which one to choose, the doctor selects.


People wear glasses and contact lenses, but everyone has their own version. It depends on visual acuity. For example, glasses are enough for reading or watching TV, you do not need to wear them all the time.

Complex of exercises

Massage - helps to relax the muscles. The main option is the rotation of the eyes, strong blinking, shifting the gaze in different directions, into the distance and on the bridge of the nose. The Bates method is an alternation of relaxing and active exercises. Close your eyes with your palms for a few minutes until a black field appears. Then, taking your palms away, rotate, draw and blink your eyes. Zhdanovs method - based on the examination of an ophthalmic checklist. Daily reading with each eye and both together, then complex exercises become more difficult.

Medicinal Methods

Patients with myopia, hyperopia, glaucoma and cataracts are prescribed a suitable course of medications and drops.

Hardware method

The following procedures are used to improve vision: magnetotherapy, infrared laser, vacuum eye massage, electrical stimulation, synoptophore for the treatment of strabismus.

Surgical methods

Keratoplasty is a corneal transplant. The doctor removes the affected part of the cornea with a laser under a microscope. A piece of healthy tissue is sutured in its place. Crosslinking. During the operation, part of the corneal tissue is removed and drops of vitamin B 12 are applied. Then the eyes are irradiated and the corneal layer is compacted. Laser vision treatment. Drops are introduced into the patients eyes, and through the protective lens, the effect on the eyes occurs. Laser vision enhancement consists of several techniques (PRK, LASIK, etc.), is considered a simple procedure and is optional. Replacement of the lens with an artificial one is carried out in case of serious visual impairment. Cataract removal is an operation in which the cloudy lens of the eye is removed. Vitrectomy is the removal of the vitreous body of the eye. Through the punctures, the retina is removed and compacted or cauterized with a laser. In order for vision to be normal, it is necessary to lead a correct lifestyle and regularly undergo examinations.

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