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Psoriasis, a popular condition, affects women and men. Most often, the first symptoms can be seen during adolescence. The disease tends to subside and begin again In modern times, a person with psoriasis can ensure a comfortable life for himself and not think about the disease. There are several types and stages of psoriasis:

  • The rash appears on one area of ​​the body and gradually progresses and grows in size, infecting healthy skin.
  • The disease can be stopped and no new lesions appear.
  • A large rash appears and small ones spread from it.
Thanks to a large amount of research, it can be argued that psoriasis is not transmitted. Also, psoriasis cannot be transmitted as a hereditary disease. Psoriasis can be dangerous and if left untreated, the rash spreads throughout the body and covers most of it. The work of the joints deteriorates, autoimmune diseases can develop. To start treatment, you should contact a specialized specialist. Treatment of psoriasis is a difficult path that requires completely changing the habits of life, as well as giving up bad habits. After passing the tests, treatment is prescribed, which should be strictly observed and monitor the positive or negative dynamics. There is no special diet, you should only refuse foods that can affect the appearance of a rash and increase the water balance in the body. A mild form of the disease can be cured with medication, a severe one only in a hospital, being in a hospital. For treatment, you need to consult with a dermatologist, who will prescribe a cream or solution prepared specifically for the patient. In the hospital, more serious creams are used, which include salicin; in practice, hormonal preparations are not used. For psoriasis of nails, special varnishes are used, the cuticle is treated with gel. Vitamins are used on an ongoing basis to maintain and restore immunity. Home treatment is also famous, which can give positive dynamics.
  • Taking baking soda baths on a regular basis. Soda can dry out inflammation, then the wounds should be treated with cream.
  • Shilajit, take one teaspoon once a day.
  • Sea salt can relieve itching and dry inflammation.
  • Clay masks also have a positive effect on the skin.
If all points and drug treatment are observed, good results can be achieved.

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