June 25, 2021


Calminax Product Overview. What is it?

Calminax is an effective medicine for improving the functioning of the hearing organs. The effectiveness of the drug has been repeatedly proven by the necessary clinical studies. The tool regularly receives positive reviews from buyers from different countries. The drug is available in capsules packed in a small plastic jar with a twist-off lid.

How to use?

Calminax always comes with instructions for use. So, for a positive effect, it is recommended to take capsules twice a day (one at a time). It is better to take the remedy half an hour before a meal. Note that the greatest efficiency is observed with the course of taking funds. It is at least 30 days.

How does it work?

Treatment with Calminax capsules has a positive effect. Note the improvement in hearing. Patients experience no pain in their ears. The illusion of extraneous noise disappears. In many cases, the need to use a hearing aid disappears. The risk of progressing deafness is markedly reduced.

The composition of the drug

The beneficial effect of Calminax hearing aid is attributed to the successful selection of herbal extracts. Manufacturers of the drug adhere to a special production technology. It allows preserving its original healing properties even after processing plant raw materials.

  • The pharmaceutical company that developed this product used the following ingredients.
  • The leaves of the Japanese sophora are useful in that they interrupt the inflammatory processes in the ear canals at the root.
  • Maiden tree extract significantly increases the immunity of the human body and also suppresses the onset and progression of various kinds of inflammation of the hearing organs.
  • Caucasian Dioscorea extract accelerates the regeneration of hearing cells exposed to inflammation, infections and diseases.

The presence of zinc in capsules deserves a special mention. Zinc gives extra strength to the hair cells of Corti's organ. The patient no longer feels discomfort or unpleasant sensations when forced to hear loud sounds. This is especially useful for those working in noisy environments.
Magnesium should also be mentioned. It is useful for patients with partial hearing loss.
The preparation also contains B vitamins. They have a beneficial effect on the nerve endings that are responsible for the quality of hearing.

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