January 25, 2021
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Bentolit Product Overview. What is it?

Bentolit is a slimming and body shaping product designed to safely get rid of excess weight, regardless of the severity and age of the gained extra pounds and centimeters. The drug is available in powder form, taken orally. Thanks to the innovative development, the composition does not contain synthetic components that cause addiction to the body, it is they that contribute to the occurrence of side effects. Bentolit can be taken by women and men who have decided to lose weight without exhausting training and dieting.

How to use?

Before use, it is necessary to dissolve 2 teaspoons of the powder with 200 ml of water at room temperature, mix thoroughly and cover the container with a lid. Drink the solution after 10 minutes. Apply once a day, the course is 30 days, if necessary, extend to 60 days.

How does it work?

Bentolit starts working within 10 minutes after taking it. Appetite is markedly reduced, the process of dissolving fat deposits is activated. The powder removes toxins and toxins, increases the elasticity of tissues, getting rid of extra pounds will not provoke sagging skin. A feeling of lightness comes, already a week after the start of the course, weight loss can be visually noted. The mood improves, the size of the usual portions of food is reduced due to the feeling of quick satiety, changes in the condition of the skin are noticeable, it becomes more elastic and smooth.

The composition of the drug

The product is based on organic substances, their correct combination has shown high efficiency and absolute safety for the body. Its complex effect provides weight loss, body shaping, body relief and relief of hunger attacks.

  • Ginger root extract tones, prevents weakness, normalizes metabolism.
  • Caffeine normalizes general well-being, improves blood circulation, and also prevents the accumulation of food mass in the intestines.
  • Fennel seed extract strengthens muscle fibers and helps to melt body fat.
  • Soy Protein Isolate stimulates collagen production, thereby preventing stretch marks on the body.
  • Dandelion root extract serves to eliminate orange peel.
  • Oatmeal helps to quickly saturate the body, even with a very small portion of food.

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