September 22, 2021


Artrofast Product Overview. What is it?

Artrofast is one of the most effective drugs for articular pathologies. The tool eliminates problems with cartilaginous joints and prevents the re-development of such disorders. The product is in the form of a cream, it is intended for use at home. The drug is designed to treat men and women. Effectively and quickly eliminates arthritis, osteochondrosis, arthrosis, gout and bursitis. The product has received a certificate of compliance with high quality. The products have passed the necessary examinations, have proven their many advantages, and have positive reviews.

How to use?

Artrofast cream should only be applied after cleansing the skin over the problem joints. Rub vigorously into the area of ​​concern. Apply a small amount of cream for 1 procedure. Rub in the therapeutic mass until it is absorbed. The drug does not need to be washed off. Use the product in the morning and evening for 1 month.

How does it work?

The Artrofast drug suppresses the inflammatory process in the joints, eliminates pain, restores mobility and increases resistance to physical exertion. It removes all types of toxins from the tissues, moisturizes the cartilaginous joints. Increases the production of intra-articular fluid, which is necessary for full mobility.


Anti-inflammatory cream Artrofast always provides a therapeutic effect, since it contains only useful ingredients of natural origin. They are characterized by good tolerance, no risk of complications. The cream contains resin extract, bee products, vitamins, trace elements, amino acids, olive oil. Component properties:

  • Elimination of pain, redness and swelling of the tissues surrounding problem joints.
  • The production of new cartilage cells.
  • Relief of the inflammatory process that engulfed the joints.
  • Improving blood circulation in the problem area.
  • Prevention of cartilage separation into fibers.

Artrofast replaces pharmacy medicines. Therefore, thanks to the use of a cream with a natural composition, it is possible to avoid drug overload of the body associated with the possible intake of pharmaceutical products. Considering the many advantages of the product, orthopedists approve of its use.

Where to buy - At a pharmacy or store?

Customer Reviews

"I would like to share my impression of Artrofast cream. This drug for the treatment of joints was used by my mother on the advice of her friend. They had similar problems. Mom even tried to move less. The product smells good, leaves no stains behind. Mom used it several times a day. She is much better now."

"For a very long time I was tormented by pain in my knees. I tried many drugs, but the long-standing injury did not want to give up. A friend recommended this cream. Although I did not believe that my diagnosis could be cured with a simple cream. I tried it and I'm very happy with the result. The pain stopped bothering me."

"Manufacturers position Artrofast as a drug to relieve swelling, infections and joint pain. Acquired after the advice of a friend. Completed the course. The drug is really good. Not only does it consist of natural ingredients, it also gives the result. It is rare to find such a combination."

Indications for use

Artrofast can be used both for the purpose of curing joints and as a prophylactic agent: massage using this product will help to avoid various problems with cartilage tissue (even those that have appeared as a result of a sedentary lifestyle, physical activity and improper diet). Artrofast is able to get rid of the disease and restore damaged tissue. The drug is used in the diagnosis of osteoporosis, stiffness in joints, loss of joint mobility and decreased tissue elasticity, injuries of any origin and nature, gout, arthritis and arthrosis.


The cream has no contraindications. Stream reactions can occur only in cases of individual intolerance to the components that make up the composition.

Doctor's review

Most often I advise Artrofast in identifying typical joint diseases. Many of my patients come with advanced diseases because they did not receive treatment. More precisely, they thought they were being treated, but only temporarily got rid of the symptoms, masking the pain. I know firsthand about the effectiveness of this remedy. More than 95% of my patients got rid of their existing joint problems. The rest improved their condition.


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