September 23, 2021


ActiveMax+ Product Overview. What is it?

ActiveMax + is a specialized underwear for men designed to relieve back problems. Diseases of the spine can develop for a variety of reasons: excess weight, heavy loads, prolonged sitting, impaired metabolism, surgery. Because of this, over time, pain appears in the back area, posture worsens, and the load on internal organs, including the heart, increases. ActiveMax + will support and fix the spine, exclude the appearance of hernias and osteochondrosis, return the correct posture and significantly improve health.

How to use?

ActiveMax + does not require any special instructions, since the principle of its use is quite simple. Wear the vest over your body during exercise or daily activities. The product can be safely worn under any clothing - the manufacturer has made sure that ActiveMax + is seamless. After direct use, it is recommended to machine wash the laundry. May be worn on a daily basis.

How does it work?

ActiveMax + will fix the upper body in the correct position, reducing the stress not only on the spine, but also on all internal organs. Thanks to this, blood circulation will improve, the lungs will receive more oxygen, the heart muscle will work more stable. Gradually, a beautiful posture will appear, back pain will decrease, muscle tension will be relieved.
ActiveMax + will eliminate the appearance of various types of hernias and help get rid of osteochondrosis. Metabolism will improve, which over time will lead to weight loss and a decrease in gastrointestinal problems. Mens underwear ActiveMax + will return the former self-confidence, help to strengthen the weakened body, heal the entire body without the use of various medications and surgical intervention.


ActiveMax + underwear has the shape of a T-shirt and is made of a special material named by the manufacturer Coolmax. It is based on polyester, which repels moisture and does not allow it to accumulate on the product. Thanks to the special composition, the garment is able to keep the upper body in a fixed position.
The material is hypoallergenic, safe for human health, does not rub the skin. Easy to wash. Protects the body from possible damage during sports due to its special dense structure.

Where to buy - At a pharmacy or store?

Customer Reviews

"It is comfortable to play sports with this underwear, it does not press anywhere. It fits perfectly and it is very good. Now I am not afraid to damage any muscle. Already 3 people have asked what kind of underwear I have and where you can buy it. I told them everything and now I hope that their health will also improve. Although I think the price is very low considering the current price of sportswear. Excellent value for money and quality."

"I received my order a month ago. It took 10 days after placing the order. I paid at the post office. The first few days it was difficult to put on this underwear because it was a little uncomfortable. After a week, things got much better. The back pain quickly disappeared, and the weight gradually decreases. I am very pleased with this underwear because it really helps and is inexpensive. Now I will recommend ACTIVEMAX + to all my friends, because they need it too. Thank you!"

"My back hurt for a long time. I went to the surgeon who prescribed ointment and pills for me. I took everything, but there was no effect. But ACTIVEMAX + helped me, although not immediately. The pain disappeared after about 10 days. It is very easy to wash, it is not demanding when washing. I will recommend this lingerie to all my friends. Don't wait for the pains to go away on their own, order this lingerie and see what really helps!"

Indications for use

ACTIVEMAX + is orthopedic underwear for men.


Due to its natural composition, linen has no contraindications, it does not cause allergies, and has no side reactions.

Doctor's review

Today, almost all men are concerned about health. back. It doesn't matter if you are an athlete, an office worker or a courier. The integrity and proper functioning of the spine should be a priority if you do not want to fail prematurely. Therefore, many professionals choose this lingerie. Orthopedic underwear will not only protect your back from injury, but will also increase the efficiency of your workouts and even facilitate the process of burning fat. Just wear it for at least a month, and you will see everything with your own eyes.


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