About us

REDdevilsrugby is an international site with reviews and reviews of popular products from around the world. The site is translated into 22 languages ​​of the world. Starting from 2019, the site administration has been actively expanding the base of popular companies, online stores, goods and services, medicines, pharmacies, etc.

The entire list of goods and services is presented in the Site Map tab. Here you will find 30 categories of goods, which include more than 300 products. All information is clearly structured:

Categories of products that you can review or write a review:

At the end of each description, a product rating is given according to the criteria (depending on the type of product): safety, reputation, price, efficiency and other aspects, indicating the date of verification. For your information: ratings are regularly updated based on feedback from site users.

You can immediately order the product you like by simply clicking on the button on the site.
The company monitors updates and innovations on the Internet and constantly improves the service, making it better and more convenient for users.

Company mission

People trust people. Therefore, before buying something, a person is interested in the opinion of those who have already bought and tried this product. Our service helps to make the right decision when choosing a service or product. Every day, users leave thousands of reviews on the REDdevilsrugby website, thereby forming a certain opinion about products and companies in general.
The REDdevilsrugby review site is a resource that helps you check the reputation of a company and its products, share personal experience with a product, and make the right choice when buying.


Anyone can leave their opinion and impression about this or that product, service with the most accurate description, with all the pros and cons.. It is not allowed to slander, insult, as well as deliberately lower or cheat the rating of a company, service or product. User reviews are confirmed by photo and video materials, which makes them even more reliable.
All this is carefully checked by moderators 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And only and only after that the reviews are published on the site. Therefore, our reviews are objective and honest.

We cooperate with large and well-known companies, online stores and clinics, for which a good reputation and rating is very important. Up-to-date information about our partners is always available to site users.
In case of any disputes, inaccurate information or misunderstandings, official representatives of the companies help to solve the problem as soon as possible.