September 23, 2021


Varicosocks Product Overview. What is it?

Varicosocks are stockings that will help solve the problem of varicose veins. This disease generally worries people. Not only the fair sex, but also men are inclined towards him. In particular, those who are inactive or prone to developing venous insufficiency. Unfortunately, until now, it has not yet been possible to establish drug therapy for this disease. It all comes down to the operation. So, if you notice even minor manifestations of the “red grid”, then you can start to worry. And then start solving the problem. And here Varicosocks stockings with algae extracts come to the rescue. They act directly on the cause that led to the disease.

How to use?

Varicosocks for varicose veins are very easy to use as they fit any shoe. Before use, it is advisable to get a recommendation from a specialist. If you feel heavy or swollen in your feet, often wear high heels, or work in adverse physical conditions, the sooner you pay attention to these stockings, the better for you.

How does it work?

Thanks to the special fabric and herbal supplements, the stockings are endowed with the following healing properties:

  • Normalize blood circulation in veins, in particular, improve its rheological parameters;
  • Relieve inflammatory reactions;
  • They make the walls of blood vessels strong and elastic;
  • Relieve puffiness and congestion;
  • Relieve pain and discomfort;
  • Gives the feet a feeling of lightness;
  • Prevents blood clots.
  • The product improves the general condition of the legs and the functioning of the body as a whole.


The composition of anti-varicose golf includes a compression knitted fiber of a combined nature. This is not the only feature of this medical device.
Anti-varicose knee-highs consist of a compression knitted fiber of a combined nature. But this is not the only secret of the effectiveness of this medical device. It is enriched with natural fibers of the following algae:

  • Kelp;
  • Khorogleya;
  • Zignema;
  • Spirogyra.

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