September 23, 2021


SoleilGlo Product Overview. What is it?

The SoleilGlo is a phenomenally designed teeth whitening kit that is used to polish the yellowish tint of teeth and make them shine white just by sitting at home.
SoleilGlo is a home teeth whitening system that promises to deliver results that are comparable to those obtained by the dentist. Instead of silently suffering from yellow teeth or paying the high costs of a dentist visit, you can pay a fraction of the cost to whiten your teeth at home.

How to use?

Using the SoleilGlo Teeth Whitening Kit is convenient and easy when you first need to brush your teeth to keep them clean. You just need to apply the whitening gel to your teeth and place a dental tray to fit around your teeth area. After placing the trays, you just need to turn them on and let them run for at least 20 minutes before removing them. If possible, you can use it twice a day for best results and not use it by minors.

How does it work?

SoleilGlos operating procedure is simple and convenient and includes three different components. Includes UV Accelerator, Teeth Bath and Extreme Whitening Gel. The gel tray includes sodium chloride and a combination of glycerin and cellulose gum to remove stains. The trays are made of very lightweight materials and are flexible so that they do not irritate or hurt when worn. As soon as the device is turned on after placing the spoons on the tooth area, it starts working, destroying stain particles and reducing yellowness. White brightness can be easily observed within 2 weeks.


The device consists of LED technology and an activated gel tray that helps improve the appearance of your teeth. The easily adjustable trays are designed as a flexible model so that they can be easily adapted to different shapes of teeth. Designed with safe parts for your health, it comes with included batteries that you can use to take this device wherever you go.

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