September 24, 2021
Osteo Pro

Osteo Pro

Osteo Pro Product Overview. What is it?

Osteo Pro is a biologically active food supplement that is an excellent source of elements necessary for the human body, such as phosphorus and calcium. It also contains proteins such as osteocalcin and collagen.

How to use?

An adults body needs to take 2 to 4 tablets per day. Osteo Pro should be taken with a little water. It is advisable to take the tablets directly with meals. If necessary, the specialist may increase the daily dose of the supplement taken. However, you should not exceed the dose recommended by your doctor, and use a remedy that replaces a full meal. Each doctor individually decides on the use of Osteo Pro. The minimum period of use is 4 weeks. Before starting the appointment, it is recommended to make an appointment with a specialist.
Contraindications to taking a biologically active food supplement - hypersensitivity to any component of the human body. In addition, you should not use Osteo Pro for people with heavy tissue counts, urolithiasis and kidney disease.
The tablets should be stored in a dry and well-protected place at temperatures between 4 and 25 degrees Celsius.

How does it work?

Osteo Pro normalizes calcium-phosphorus metabolism. It should also be used for severe osteoporotic symptoms and to improve bone resorption after fracture. Phosphorus contained in tablets is able to bind calcium to bone tissue, create hydroxyapatite and reduce excretion.


Osteo Pro can be divided into two parts: mineral and organic.

  • The first is magnesium, boron, calcium, zinc, phosphorus and iron. As part of calcium hydroxyapatite: promotes complete and rapid dissolution in the small intestine.
  • The latter, also known as ozone, contains various types of peptides and proteins such as collagen, osteocalcin, and growth factors. Growth factors such as insulin metabolism are essential for human health.

Where to buy - At a pharmacy or store?

Customer Reviews

"I have suffered from back pain and knee pain all my life. As I got older, my health began to deteriorate, and all injuries, even old ones, worsened. Every time I wanted to leave the house, I had to take pain relievers. Wish I found out about this gel so late. All the problems that I suffered for years disappeared after about a month. Now I can walk like a normal person."

"After 40 years, my health began to deteriorate rapidly. I started having joint problems. I was full of energy, but it was getting harder and harder to walk. It's a shame that I can't play with my grandchildren or go to a party with friends. I just walked around the house, from bed to kitchen and back, and even then I had to use a cane. In bad weather, my joints hurt so badly that I did not even get out of bed for hours. Only Osteo Pro gel helped me to understand this situation. Of course, I cannot walk as fast as when I was young, but I can go to the store, bring food and walk with my grandchildren. I have a full life again!"

"I usually lift heavy objects at work, and after my shift my back hurts constantly, especially in the lower back. My knees also hurt. For a long time I was looking for a way to cure these professional injuries and found an advertisement for Osteo Pro gel. Now, from time to time, I apply this cream to my back and knees and the pain disappears instantly without reappearing."

Indications for use

This gel formulation is designed to repair and prevent the destruction of cartilage in joints.


The product contains exclusively natural ingredients that gently affect the body. The gel has passed quality control, is safe to use and has no side effects.

Doctor's review

I have been working in a rehabilitation center for 8 years. My patients have various problems with joints, ligaments and muscles, and they are also very afraid that they will have to radically change their lifestyle. However, I try to select individualized treatment that will quickly and conveniently restore your health for each of them. Many folk remedies cause side effects and negative reactions in the body, which is unacceptable. To prevent my patients from having these problems, I have tried many medications. Since last year I have been prescribing only Osteo Pro. I only trust this tool!


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